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My dad is in ICU with 3 spinal injuries!

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    Update: My dad has graduated out of ICU!

    Hi everyone!

    I haven't posted an update for awhile, because I've been pretty busy trying to keep life going as well as spending time with my dad..... The good news is, he was transferred today to a rehab hospital, but as a "long term acute care" patient. The goal is to get his pressure wound healed and keep his lungs clear, and then transfer him to Santa Clara. We chose this facility because it is a rehab hospital in addition to long-term acute, so he will get all the rehab therapies during this time, even though he isn't technically a rehab patient--so he'll be able to get even more rehab than if he had gone directly to Santa Clara. AND the physiatrists here trained at Santa Clara....

    We left the neuro trauma ICU hospital at a good time. After our fury of communications last week, my dad was the topic of their trauma rounds and overall (except for one nurse) I was quite pleased with the care that he got for the remainder of his stay there. I began to realize that it was a culture clash between his critical care needs and his rehab needs, and after it was brought to their attention, I think the staff did a good job of balancing the 2, sometimes conflicting, types of needs.

    As we left, they all (including "Dr. Death") asked that we keep in touch and let them know how my dad does with rehab. Even though the doctors didn't agree with our decision, they really did put a lot of effort into caring for him. The social worker mentioned that, if my dad does well, it may just change some of the dire recommendations that they give to I'm cheering for my dad's success, not only for him, but for all the future patients who are taken to that trauma facility.

    BTW, he's been off the vent since last friday, and we had some conversations today using a speaking valve (Passey Muir)..... He's talking in complete sentences, but I don't think he's completely oriented.... Hopefully that will come with time.

    Thanks for your ongoing supportive messages & ideas...... I'm sure that I'll have many more questions as we get into the rehab experience!



      Hi everyone,

      You were all so wonderful during our time of distress last fall and winter.... I wanted to give you an update with wonderful news!!!!

      My dad was discharged home on March 13, 6 months to the day after his accident. Today he and my mom drove off for their first road trip since the accident--going for a week to visit some friends and attend a reunion at the church they attended in the 70's.

      After the month in ICU, he ended up going to a wonderful long-term acute facility with a fantastic rehab program for a month, acute rehab at a general hospital for a month (that was a waste of time) and then 3 months at a SNF with a rehab program that was far superior to the acute rehab unit. He spent another month working with home health rehab, and now he's going in for OT and PT twice a week at a rehab clinic.

      We were never able to get him into Santa Clara, but I remained in contact with the Santa Clara intake nurse, and she assures me that he is doing as well now as he would have if he'd gone to Santa Clara.

      He has no sensation and only trace movement below his knees, but he's regaining bowel and bladder control, and his decub is completely healed. He's able to stand (supported) for longer periods of time, and even spent a 1/2 hour splitting wood last night!

      I really want to thank everyone on this forum--you are truly life-savers! My dad is very grateful for his life, and you all gave us the courage to keep fighting on his behalf when it all seemed so pointless.

      Blessings to you!



        Thanks so much for the update and the positive outcome. You should be proud of your dad! So often people ask questions and never come back and we are left wondering how the person is doing.

        The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


          I didn't read this entire thread, so I don't really have the whole story, only the beginning and what you just posted today... So... that being said..

          Aren't you glad you didn't listen to that first dr and pull life support??? I have the utmost respect for physicians, but don't always believe everything they say..

          CONGRATS!! Sounds like dad is doing great!
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            Such great news!

            This thread made my blood boil and my heart soar at different times. Pat yourself on the back for being such a great advocate.

            Best wishes!
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              Thank you so much for the update. I am so very happy that your father is doing so well.