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    I'm not sure if I'm writing in the right forum. I'm hoping that maybe someone here might be able to help me understand things better....So this is my story in a nut shell. I was in a car accident back in 95'.I was hit in the driver's side door .My head hit the dash and steering wheel.The door shoved me to the center of the car. Back then I had no insurance so the er just told me to go home with my lovely neck collar and a head concusion. I was told was to see my regular doctor the next day. Of course I couldn't because of the lack of insurance.
    I've spent years and many doctor's trying to find out what is my problem. So last year my doctor finally ordered an MRI w/o contrast. It took almost a year to find out the results.Who know why it took so long for someone to tell me the truth. These are the results basically:
    all cervical disk have bulges
    Moderate DDD
    T-1 spurring,bulging
    T-2-t9 Bulging and inter verbal fractures (old)
    lower lumbar splinting on right
    they also found blood clots in my spinal col em
    Since the accident I've been losing feeling in my feet,legs,arms and hands. Sometimes the right side of my face . I have neuropathy,poor bladder and bowel function and my eyes sight is very blurry,tremors,shoulder pain,blistering,terrible swelling,dry skin and nails. Doc. also think that I may be having seizures.
    My skin is changing to it . My hands,arms,legs (calves) and feet turn purple ,blue,white spots,red.
    Doc. says that I have Rsd,DDD,osteo. arthritis,short term memory loss,atrophy in right calf muscle,some hair loss,migraine's , muscle spasms,S-protein deficiency,insomnia (because of the pain).
    I don't really understand why I'm having trouble walking ,why my legs feel like tree trunks,why my legs and arms go totally numb when I lay down.
    I don't understand any of this . It been years. Why am I getting worse and not better??? I don't want to be using a cane or chair forever.

    It's embarrassing to me . People look at me and say "well she's faking it".
    Until they really look at my legs. I have at times forced myself to use just the cane at time because I don't want people to pity me .
    I really don't understand all this.
    I just really need answers and this seems like the right site to get some.
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    I don't know about all the other things, but bulging disks don't get better on their own after time. They're pressing into your spinal cord, cutting off neural pathways. That would be why you're having trouble walking and why you go numb.

    My father had a severe bulging disk in the lumbar section of the back (not sure specifically which segment) that was pressing into his spinal cord. He was experiencing cord compression, and his legs had lost feeling and movement. He had the disk removed and his cord decompressed, and now has pretty much full functionality, but the key there was he was operated on just days after he started going numb. He still has spotty feeling in his legs.

    But, it sounds like you have too many medical issues for any post on this board to really help you. What has your doctor suggested be done to start helping you?

    It sounds like he really shouldn't be dragging his feet in this matter.

    (P.S. I don't know the gender of your doctor, so I use the term "him" and "he" as gender-neutral terms)


      Thank you Jack for responding. Well my doctor "he" ran a lot of test,full blood work,MRI w/o contrast,testing from MS-lupus ect..... (Parkinson's and Lupus run in my family) nothing like that has be found in me fortunatly . I do have an auto-immune problem s-protein deficiency and Reflex symptomatic dystrophy syndrome also hyper thyroidism (I don't mention that above). I've seen two Neurologist,a Reumatalogist (he was an idiot) told me that I had fibromyagia , severe depression and yelled at me to see a psych..I then dumped him fast. Of course I do have depression but not severe . Also was made to see a psychologist twice now,once because of my ex-neuro and once now because I applied for disability.
      The last nuero. I saw I really liked . He was the one who new that I have a problem with my spinal cord and that most of my problems were probably due to the car accident. Unfortunately we just moved way out of town and I'm having to start with new doctors,today it's the blood test all over again.
      All my new doctor can do at this time is pain control, watch for infections,schedule a new neuro.. I'm married to an ex physical therapist aid
      so I'm more that good with therapy (lucky me?). My husband doesn't let me get away with anything ......there are "no babies in this house".
      You are very right about surgery . My last neuro. told me that it would be a waste of time for me. He said that it probably would put my in worse pain than I am in now .


        I'm sorry that I'm not so familiar with most of those illnesses. Hopefully some others with more experience will be able to give you advice. Seems odd that the doctors are only going with the pain management route. Do cures or specific treatments for any of these disorders not exist?


          Hopefully I get a good neuro. this time . They have suggested spinal blockers
          but I don't know much about them. The last neuro. I saw didn't give much hope for recovery becasue it is progressing so fast.