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How much can doctors know after 20 days?

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    Hi Jack,

    I just read through your posts. I'm really sorry about your sister, but am glad you found this site!

    You didn't mention in your last update whether or not she has Brown-Sequard. The movement she does have, is it all on one side?

    I have Brown-Sequard and was up walking with forearm cruthches within 6 months. I now walk with a cane, because my right side is still weak and I have a lot of tone and spasms on that side. I'm C5- C7, btw. My left side functions normally, although it isn't quite as strong as it was before SCI.

    I will pray that she has Brown-Sequard so that she can recover more and pray for all of you in general.

    Good luck on lots more return!
    C5-C7 Walking Quad - Very Incomplete
    Aug '03


      It's unclear exactly what it's going to be. The movement she has seems to be about equal on both sides, maybe slightly more on her left side. She has more feeling on her left side though.

      She comes home Friday. I haven't seen her much in the past few weeks because I started taking 11 credits of night and online classes in addition to working 45 hours a week, so I've had very little time for anything else.


        Hope she contiues to improve. I bet she is excited about going home.


          pray and wonders will happen. i have gained alot back in 8 months


            She moved her left thumb today! First visible finger movement.


              that is wonderful!
              T7-8 since Feb 2005


                im very happy!