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    Bionco, Hi..sorry you had to find this board but glad you did. I am a T12 spinal cord injury. I was injured two years ago when I was 22 in a car accident. My suggestion on the best thing you can do is try and stay positive,do as much research as you can on your own, ask questions, never be satisfied with your progress and always want more. Try and find the best people to help you in your rehab and when picking out a wheelchair since most insurances only pay for one every 5 years you should be happy with what you get.

    I had great family, and friends rooting for me and I hope you have the same. If you ever need some answers or encouragement this is the place to come. Task that seem daunting now in 6 months will be second nature so keep positive and your head up.

    PM me --I'd love to talk further <Nicole>


      Where do you live (state) You should find some people in your communiy. I have friends all over that you may be able to meet and hang with and to learn from. I found that the best wisdom came from thoes who have been doing this wheechair thing for a long time. You have came to the right place to get wisdom. if I can help let me know and if you are in Colorado look me up.


        Hi Blonco

        My son is T4-5 complete from gsw, 4 1/2 years post. He is 21 now. He lives on his own, has his own car and he is thinking about opening his own business.
        Glad you found this site, lot of support and answers to your questions.
        My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.