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L1, L2 injury getting two one hour session wk

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    Pretty much whatever you need, if I have it. I am offering GL one that is for a new injury with info on choosing a rehab center, state programs, level of injury and becuase of the level I would add bowel, bladder info. Also a book.
    If you need more info, PM me.
    Every day I wake up is a good one


      geneloch hi again project walk is opening a new office in Boston, Mass. Not sure when but they have it on there site. Tell James not to wait for the shell to come off. He can do alot with it. I had a nurse that came in at night to help me get ready for bed when I was in the hospital still and every night she would do range of motion & make me help by telling me to pull my knee to my sholder and to push against her. I would do this and I found my legs were reacting and I could flex some muscles in both upper & lower legs. Know everynight after i am in bed i consentrate on my muscles and I flex thigh muscles the my calf muscle then I try to wiggle my toes or move my foot I can feel the muscles contrating but the toes are not moving yet but they will one day. It is mind over body. Tell his he needs to tell his body to move this muscle or that muscle. It is your mind that will help you heal your body as well. And above all be positive. Do not let people be negative or let them be negative. Do not let them give you meds to stop the movement (spasums) because that is telling you there is a chance. A friend on mine told me about his accident he fell from a building and broke his back he was in coma for 3 month in the hospital he came around and they sent him home telling him no chance of walking. He was at home always in bed and 8 months had gone by and he told me in those 8 months he felt nothing just deadness. He then told me one morning he had a urge to go to the bathroom and he kept tring to turn over and thats when he felt tingling in his leg. After about a year of him doing what he could on his own and with only his family to help he was back up walking. So do not belive what a doc tells because they can never be sure what will really happen in life. Donna
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