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    Originally posted by alhavel
    Honestly, if you could see what hit me in the head and back, and sent me flying, things would be a liittle bit easier for me. I have pictures, but don't know how to post them, of the thing that struck me, of course. You don't want to see the other ones. Thanks
    That sounds awful. I didn't see Nick's accident. The description was enough for me.

    If I knew how to post a picture, I'd tell you. I know how to email pictures, but this requires it have a URL.



      It was a 2 thousand pound building from th second floor roof............


        Originally posted by alhavel

        Uhhhhhhh,,,,,,,, I know about that one too.......... Didn't think we would go there though. I was also on a bed that rotated, and I still got one, quite a nice one too. It's probly a good thing I'm too old to be a stripper???? As for my short term memory, it sucks now, I remember what I did 15 years ago, but not 15 minutes ago, it comes and goes with the tide
        I haven't had SCI or TBI and I can't remember things either, and neither can most of my early-40 to early-50 year old friends.

        It's an epidemic. We have to either tell two or three other people to remind us of something or write it down (and remember to look at it). The joy of aging, I suppose. Yet, I can remember my phone number from 30 years ago.

        My grandmother died of Alzheimers, which is a little concerning.


          Originally posted by alhavel

          It was a 2 thousand pound building from th second floor roof............
          Good grief! Did you make the news? How did a building fall?


            NO,,, it was a big cover up, but the best part is when I look out my bedroom window everymorning, I see that part of the building across the bay from me. Nice veiw,,,,Huhh?????


              No way. That's awful. When was the accident?


                December 6 2003, and it blew off in a 25 MPH wind


                  Boy, sounds like the building codes in Florida before Hurricane Andrew.

                  You just had your three year injury anniversary.

                  Gotta run. Talk to you later.


                    illegal strucutre put up on the roof, no inspection, not to code


                      That sounds criminal.


                        rehab hospital

                        i know that t.i.r.r. in houston is one of the best places in the country.


                          follow me outdoors

                          here is my chronicles of life after SCI in case anyone is interested in sharing this with the loved ones that have been newly injured.


                            I love your Website. My dad is a hunter. I can't wait to tell Nick and my dad (his grandfather) about it. I especially love the quote at the end of "My story."

                            What does T.I.R.R. stand for? Something Texas, right?


                              Originally posted by AuntLore
                              I hope you are right about the finger function. That would be huge! His fingers were tingling right after the accident (I don't know about now.). The doctors said they were hoping with therapy he would regain some function. I agree, waiting on the sticks is the way to go -- let's encourage him to use his fingers first.

                              Absolutely, come visit him. Let me know when and I'll try to be there, too. He loves company! That would be fantastic!

                              I mentioned the Velcro shoes yesterday and he had exactly your reaction. He's not willing to sacrifice style for Velcro. He's way too cool for that.

                              Somebody already gave him Murderball. I'd like to see it, too.

                              There are so many incredible people who have shown what can be done after a SCI. I can't imagine not knowing that right now.

                              I hope he regains some sort of finger function it was almost 2 months before i moved one of mine. I dont have alot of finger function but what i have helps.
                              I never had velcro either not cool for younger people. I did figure out how to tie my shoes on my own or I just tuck them.

                              I will be down that way in Jan on 19-21st I will keep you informed and will definately stop by to see him. Barth Green is the DR who did my surgery he is a great guy.

                              Ya I was surprised when I saw what we can do after SCI it was very uplifting when I was first injured.
                              C5-6 Feb 05


                                I think TIRR = Texas Institute for Research & Rehabilitation.
                                Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?