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19 Year Old Nephew C6 C7 Complete

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    Terrific. You live in Atlanta, which I'm sure made it even better.

    Where is the facility located in Atlanta? I lived in Atlanta for 17 years. Moved in 1995 to Florida, so I'm pretty familiar with the area.

    I had heard that about the food!


      It's on Peachtree Street heading into Buckhead on your left once you pass Borders, Kroger, and the Texaco Station. If you hit Mick's you've gone too far. Can't miss it though. It's right next to Piedmont Hospital. It's about two miles south of Lenox Mall. I lived here for 12 years and drove past that spot regularly and never knew it existed until I ended up being a patient.

      I'd swear they had a chicken farm in that place.


        It sneaks up on you as I have passed it a couple of times.....LOL

        I usually turn around in the Christian Science reading room and go back...LOL
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          Sorry that you have been brought to us, but glad you found us quickly. I'm a C2/C3 vent dependent quad, 25 years old and nearing 22 years post injury.

          Everything that has been said here is true, although hard to believe. You and your family will get used to a new normal routine of life. It will be tough going for the next few weeks and months, but it sounds like you have a good start.

          I don't know anything about the rehab centers you're considering, but I would agree to look at the one in Miami, closer to home. Family is an important part to SCI and especially at this point in recovery.

          When it comes to the point of equipment, be picky and look at the options you have. This can be a crucial part to his rehab and recovery. Keep asking questions and you'll get great answers from here.
          C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.


            I've probably passed it a hundred times and never noticed it. Like you said, you don't see it until you need it.

            I'm already tired of chicken!



              You are an inspiration. I believe you, that a new normal will come.

              I just spoke with my sister and Nick was put into a wheelchair for the first time today (without neck support) and he did fine. He liked sitting up for a change. It's looking like he'll be going to Jackson in Miami, hopefully by the end of the week. All things being equal between Shepherd and Jackson, or close to equal, being near friends and family breaks the tie.

              By the way, when you said equipment, did you mean the equipment at the rehab center or equipment Nick will use at home? Or both?

              Thanks again for sharing your insight and experience. Twenty-two years post injury is amazing. You were very young.

              Take care.


                Auntlore, Hi. I, like your nephew had a spinal cord injury in motocross and also had my inpatient and outpatient rehab in Miami. I think that Jackson Memorial, although a bit outdated (at least in 2003 when I was there, have not been back) is very proficient in the treatment of SCI. The therapists were great and very experienced with most SCI related issues and the Miami Project is next door which for some was a great advantage. My outpatient rehab was done at Miami Physical Therapy Associates. There was more personalized attention and being private the schedule could be more intensive, but the therapists at Jackson were more knowledgeable in my opinion. Dr. Banovack was great.Jackson is a Model System rehab center. Look into that. Also, hook your family to Carecure. This site is the best. I was unfortunately not able to find this site until well into my recovery. Dr. Young and the SCI nurses are as profound as anyone on this subject, you are lucky to have found this so early.I did not get a chance to read the whole thread, but if there is anything you would like to ask me, please feel free to do so. Best of luck.
                T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003


                  Thank you for the message. I would love for you to send a message to Nick through his Website, telling him about this Website and your experience. You are a local, a fellow MXer and three years post. I think that would mean a lot to him. They have a laptop at Shands to read the messages.

                  From what we've learned, Jackson has a new director as of about a year ago (Dr. Diana Cardenas) and the head of trauma at Shands worked with Dr. Barth Green (head of clinical?) at Jackson before starting the trauma unit at Shands. I've heard the "Model System" term before, but I don't know what that means. I take it that's a good thing. I heard that Jackson was a ProCord location, too, which should be an indication it is respected.

                  I feel so lucky to have hit on this site through Google. I was searching for real experiences and I found them. I think Nick will love this site!


                    I talked to Nick last night and he is amazing! What a great attitude. He's used to training hard for motocross and he's going to train even harder toward recovery. He's in such good shape and so strong, I know he'll do well. He should be going to Jackson today (we've learned everything is subject to change), and he, and the whole family, are ready.

                    I live about an hour away, which will make it much easier to visit. I'm trying to think of things I could get for Nick that might be of use to him. I've thought of an IPod and DVDs, can you suggest anything else for someone with such a recent injury ... two weeks today.




                      A laptop computer if you can get one... typing sticks maybe.


                        I think he has a laptop, but I'll check. I know my sister has been using one at the hospital.

                        I Googled typing sticks. That's an excellent idea. He's learning to use his hands without the mobility of his fingers, and I think that would make him a good candidate for them.



                          Originally posted by AuntLore

                          By the way, when you said equipment, did you mean the equipment at the rehab center or equipment Nick will use at home? Or both?
                          I was referring to equipment he'll eventually be using at home, but getting familiar with in therapy. Wheelchair cushions can be problematic in finding the right one for pressure relief, but a big savings in time and frustration if it reduces pressure sores.

                          I agree with what was said about typing sticks and a laptop, it would be great to see him on here. Look for posts by Orangejello to follow someone on here from shortly after injury to now returned home.
                          C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.


                            Aunt Lorie

                            Ty0ping sticks? maybe you wuld be better to let him progress a liitle , after all he has been through, I say this because, I have been through that, and done that. No one ever offered me sticks, instead, my father brought me my cell phone, and that is when the light went on,,,,,,,, What I thought happened, did not, and it was a rude, but not bad awakinng for me. I am an odd duck, for sure but , looking back on it now, maybe it was the only way I would have known what went down the day I almost lost my life. No fault of my own, I didn't construct the building that fell on me, and put me in ICU for 6=8 weeks the guy who owned the dock, and the fat whore of a wife only called, much later in the day, an executive decision had to be made,,,, open the scotch, or break open the champagne????????

                            That's New York Life HUH????? He git Busted IN New Jersey for smuggling Drugs I didn't, and where did the money he now has come from??? DRUGS BABY!!!!!!!! and this is what our society gives us, no use for the little man, if I could have run a drug boat for him maybe it would have been another story, not fit for this forum, but be as life is I will go agaisnt hiim and the 2 ton whore. so help me God, and please do


                              He'll certainly be busy with PT for awhile. I'm going to see him on Sunday, so I'll just ask him what he wants for now, and try to think of ideas for him, too. He's just ready to get started at Jackson.

                              Cushions are really important and I would think it's not "one size or thickness, etc." fits all. I want to let my sister be involved in that decision. But I did mention it to her.

                              If he's used to using the laptop, then the typing stick would make sense. I would love to see him in this chat room, too. I'm going to tell him about it. Someone asked him for his autograph a couple of days ago and he was able to write it on a photo with the use of a specially designed pen. If he can do that, I'd say he could use a laptop.

                              By the way, did you see the package on Good Morning American today? It was from the Christopher Reeve Foundation's work on "repetitive memory" (I think that's what it's called.) and walking. I recorded it to show my sister. I'm going to have to see if there's a thread on that topic.

                              I'll check out Orangejello. Thanks for the tip.



                                You said it. Every injury and every person are different. We've been told so many stories about people with "the same injury" that are walking a few months later, and I don't think they had the same injury.

                                I never really gave that much thought to the distinction of high quad and lower quad, but I can see that can be significant. I just thought it was all the same. I went to high school in Titusville, FL, and a fellow student was injured playing football. I was there. I can remember that when everyone got up after the play, he just layed there. We had no idea what was going on. His name was Pat Landry and it was 1970 (I think.) He was older than me so I didn't know him well, but I remember him coming to "Teen Town" after the injury, and we'd put playing cards in the edge of an upside down board game box to hold his cards while we played. I had no concept then of how seriously injured he was or that there were degrees of injury. I often wonder what happened to him. I heard that he was coaching football at Astronaut High (also in Titusville), but he's not on the faculty list today.

                                Now that you say it, it makes so much sense to let Nick try to do things without extra tools first, then make adjustments if needed. It's so tempting to try to make things as easy as possible for him.

                                I'll look for Divin'Darren and Rahab Rhino.