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Compression Fracture of T12.

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    Missed T12 Fracture

    Hi there all!

    It's interesting to read similar stories - I empathize!

    I fell 9ft and landed on my feet. I was in agony and could barely move. I somehow got to hospital but, I was only X-Rayed and told to rest and not to lie down too much in bed. I was sent home that day without a brace.

    I had to phone my own doc for painkillers and to get time off work, which was 2 weeks. I have a desk based job and my back was really killing me without painkillers so, throughout the year, I went back and forth to the doc, who said I had severe muscle spasms. I had to wait almost half a year for physio on the NHS; unfortunately, that wasn't working.

    A year later, my hip was now hurting more than the back and so the doc sent me for an MRI scan. A year later, they diagnosed a t12 wedge compression fracture, which they said was mild and now healed.

    I am really angry at them for not giving me a scan and brace sooner. Does anyone think that this has been detrimental to my healing? My back isn't as strong as it was and I can't sit for long periods without pain and feel discomfort constantly.

    Thanks for reading! Any feedback would be appreciated!


      Healing and Chiropractic

      Hello All,

      I have been doing a LOT of reading on burst and compression fractures since my injury. I found several pages suggesting that non surgical procedures work well even with some pretty severe trauma since surgery can have so many complications. These blogs suggest chiro care once fully healed to help release tension in the spine and allow proper alignment. Along with chiro they suggest specific back strengthening exercises and stretching.

      I am going to try all of these as soon as I am able and will update this post.

      Good luck to all..


        I have proceed to weekly Hydro Therapy, with exercises concentrated on loosening hips, legs and back muscles. With some minor flexing twisting exercise for my spine. Off painkillers for almost 2 weeks. Now into week 3.


          More on the Injury

          Hi Ashleigh,

          To answer your previous reply I have no loss of any functions, no numbness, and no real pain.

          To Continue:

          I did just get my next series of x-rays today (normal standing) and my T12 does not really look good. I have done research and have found that the T12 could have a normal 10 - 15 % anterior height loss due to normal functionality. My T12 appears to be about 1/3 + shorter than T11 so I am assuming I have lost a total of about 30 - 40 % height. If I take a normal 15% loss into account that would be a net loss of 15 - 25%...not good but still within non operative range from everything I have read. I have been doing a lot of reading about experimental stem cell and ceramic procedures that may add hope to actually rebuilding the anterior height of a vertebrae without fusion...I will keep diligent research going on this as procedures are perfected in other countries then hopefully available in the US.

          Good luck to all on this site with back injuries - my thoughts and prayers will be with you for a speedy recovery and a pain free life.


            Recent Appointment

            Hello All,

            Hope everyone is getting better, healing quickly, and as pain free as possible. I just had my 10 week appointment yesterday with x-rays taken the day before. There was no change from x-rays take the previous month so I was released from the TLSO clam shell hell (woohoo) and am now scheduling physical therapy - 3 x per week for 6 weeks.

            After closely examining my x-rays and studying measurements, seems like I have lost about 40% total anterior height. Per my previous post and research, this is a non operative stance and my neurosurgeon agrees...for now.

            I would like everyone out there to know that breakthroughs are happening each day with stem cell research, specifically using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. iPS cells are similar to embryonic stem cells in that they can also give rise to nearly any type of cell in the body, but iPS cells are produced from adult cells and as such are individualized to each patient. This type of stem cell reduces the instance of rejection.

            I jokingly told my neurologist yesterday that there was no problem - in 10 years they will just grow me a new vertebrae from my own stem cells and fully restore my T12 anterior height - he did not find my joke amusing. Not sure why but I guess if problems like mine could be naturally repaired surgeons would not have much repeat business...

            I have another appointment in 6 weeks with x-rays and will update on that as well as how PT is coming along...I am a gym rat at 51 so they will be working with me on getting me back to my workouts.

            Good Luck and a speedy recovery to all...


              T12 acf


              My name is David. I had a T12 Anterior Compression Fracture back in June of 2005. I don't want this to scare you in any way but when I had this injury happen to me I was in a backbrace for 6 months and could not do anything. The many Doctors I spent my time going to, had told me that I would have a 100% recovery and would be back to doing what I was doing before. I went for about 4 years with no major problems. I would hurt here and there don't get me wrong. But nothing that I had to go into the ER. The Doctors gave me the 800 ml of Ibuprofen and I only used it as needed. Well when I moved to OKC back in 2009 and started being more active coming from a small town. I don't go one day without my back hurting. I have seen a doctor for about the last 3 years and when I got X-Rays done, they looked clear. They said I was fine. But I know it isn't. I am the same way with sleeping. I only get about 4 to 5 max of hours rest every night. I want to give you an example, This weekend I just did some gardening that I was stuck in bed for most of the day yesterday and couldn't move. The Doctor has given me some pain meds but thats all. All they keep on telling me is that my test look good, but they just can't figure out as to why I am still having pains like I do. My legs will ach at night as well when i try to get rest. I don't want to seem like a Debbie Downer but since your accident happened most recently in the last 7 months I believe you said. I would make sure that if you are having any symptoms like I am, I would strongly suggest to keep on getting yourself checked out. Don't prolong it cause you don't want it to keep you from life. I'm a 26 year old guy in a 80 year old mans body who can't really enjoy basic life cause I am constanly hurting. I wish you the best in your recovery and if you happen to get any good results and get it taken care of, I would really like to know what to do and how so I can be able to enjoy life without limitations.

              Once Again,
              Hope for a 100% recovery.