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Compression Fracture of T12.

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    T 12 Compression/Burst Fracture

    I was reading the posts about the girl who fell off her horse and fractured her back, and was inquiring about the X-rays still looking the same. I fell on ice and it resulted in a burst fracture of the T12 vertebrea back in Feb. 2007. I was in a hospital for 4 days, placed in a brace and was home on bed rest for 8 weeks. I managed to avoid surgery. But since this occured, I've been in a car accident, and have had x-rays done. Almost 2 years later, the fracture is still very obvious on the x-rays. I dont think it will ever change.


      Are you saying your Xrays show a new fracture or a non-union of your previous one, or that you can see where the previous fracture was due to the remodeling of the bone that occurred with healing? If you have a non-union, then tests should be done to determine if it is stable or non-stable. If non-stable, you still may need surgery or risk neurologic impairment eventually. This may or may not have any benefit as far as long-term back pain.

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


        T12-L1 from 5yrs ago, not knowing whats next due to new prob.

        I had a compression fracture of t12 and l1 due to a car wreck 5 years ago. At the time I was 3 1/2 months pregnant so nothing could be done besides putting me on a walker for around 6wks and some therapy to walk again correctly. Because of the location of the fractures my epidural didnt even take at the time I was in labor.
        I have had steady back pain since (somedays worse than others) and have always had pain in my hip on my right side that was never addressed. To finally lose the baby weight I started working out and perhaps have over done it because now I am at the point I cant do even the slightest of actions without hurting so badly.
        It started as an ache and now a burning has began on my spine more to the right (same as hip). I Had new X-rays which STILL showed the fractured areas very clearly and also showed a slight splintering (which is new). I am also now having a shooting pain down my right butt cheek and cramps in that leg. I go for a MRI today but my Dr. will still have to refer me, which will be lord knows how long. I just want to know what any of this means (if anyone has been through it). I have a feeling I am heading for surgery and am scared and want a heads up or atleast advice.


          Kellynwhe, 5 yrs ago and now splintering? Sounds like you may have something going on! Hope you get good results and keep us posted!


            Im 18 years and about 2 years ago I had a 4 wheeling accident where I recieved a massive concussion and crushed my t5. I hit the ground with my right shoulder so hard that it smashed every thing on that side about 5 inches lower than my left. Now after 2 years it is still about 2-3 inches lower. Will that eventually go back to normal or will I be stuck with it? One more question, Whenever I bend my back in that area I really start to feel pain, is that normal after 2 years?


              another fall from a horse ......

              Hi, I am responding to this post because my (adult) daughter also fell from her horse in September, 2001. She incurred an incomplete spinal cord injury (burst fracture with pieces in her spinal canal) at T12. They removed her 10th rib to replace the vertebrae, and encompassed T11, T12, and L1 in a titanium cage.

              Karen was a top level Three Day Event rider (Dressage, Cross-Country, and Stadium Jumping) before her accident, and rode at the World Equestrian Games in Rome in 1998. She was devasted when the Doctors told her that she could not ride for a year. Horses were her life and her love. Two months later when her big toe moved a tiny fraction of an inch, she was elated, as were all the nurses and doctors in the hospital. The Specialist told her that was great news ............ it meant she would some day walk again!

              She finally did learn to walk again, with aids, but the main thing I wanted to say, is that YES! cross-country vests DO help prevent worse injuries, and I would encourage all riders to wear them. They are comfortable and allow one to move about as normal. Karen now does Dressage equestrian competitions and represented Canada at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games (held in Hong Kong).

              Good Luck to all those who ride, but please be safety-minded.




                Just wanting to know if any one has had surgery on ther fractured T12, I'm in the middle of having to decide if I want to go ahead with it.

                I fractured my T12 about 3yrs ago from a fall on hoilday and was in a brace for 2month, but i'm on pain killer every day and pain when doing simple things like walking for long periods of time and doing house work.

                Would like to hear from someone who has had this done?


                  Great posts so far

                  I'm just posting my recent experiences for other readers.

                  End of January '09 while 'wrestling' with mates I fell to sitting position, leaning forwards followed by another person coming down heavily on my shoulders. Causing pain, not completely debilitating but soreness and on impact a reasonably large 'popping' sound/feel.

                  T12 anterior wedge compression fracture approx 20%.

                  My pain wasn't to bad, in fact, to this day I have not felt the need to take any pain meds though I think I have a reasonably high pain threshold. I went to a temporarily set up Accident centre which had nothing but a doctor, but the next day went to a proper doctor, got xrays and handed on to a back specialist.

                  Had xrays at the beginning, one and two months, each pretty much the same.

                  My back specialists sent me back to work, where I am basically a driver and very general labour after one week and did not recommend a brace.
                  I took it upon myself within a week to ask for a brace though and wore a "t" or cross style brace daily which sits on my front (just a horizontal and a vertical light bar with padding) and is strapped around my back, keeping my shoulders high and extended. Sure it's annoying to have to wear it, but feels relatively good the way it holds my posture up.
                  Have stopped wearing it after 2.5 months, 10 days ago.

                  At a little under three months my back is reasonably fine, feels a bit 'stressed' generally and 'bruised' feeling when I stretch backwards / extend my back just within a few centimetres around my T12.

                  Apparently from what I understand the wedge will remain that shape for life, but for your first three months the bone remains soft from the impact and after which should harden up back to normal strength.
                  My hopes are with this, hopefully it wont aid the disks between my T12 and T11 or L1 to slip in the future, now assuming that the gap will be bigger.. right?

                  Just my FYI for fellow readers Hope it helps somewhat!


                    Last Oct, I was in a car accident (near head-on collision, not my fault), and received a T-12 compression fracture, with fragments. I was in the hospital for 4 days. They put me in a special (solid, special made) brace, which was really more comfortable to wear than not to, and I had to use a walker. I wore the brace till February but stopped using the walker in December, except when it rained. I had several exrays and 2 MRIs and one CAT scan. My last exray was in Feb, and when my neurologist viewed it, he declared my spine completed and that he wouldn't need to see me anymore, so I started seeing my regular dr after that, who first sent me for muscle massge therapy for 6 weeks, then to PT for another 6 - 8 weeks. I experienced progressive healing, meaning I only need pain meds occasionally, and can walk for more than 10 minutes without pain. The main pain I do still have, from the accident, is in my tail bone...excruxiating when I try to stand from a sitting position, getting up from a chair, or out of a vehicle. My neurologist did exrays of the area but found nothing broken there. My dr says it's just residual pain and will probably take a long time to heal. When I lay down, it feels like a tennis ball is in my back. I can't sit against anything without benefit of a pillow (which I take wherever I go). At this time, I do NOT drive (and don't know if I will again), and I'm afraid to try to ride my bike, and I'm afraid I might fall and do more damange. I assume that will eventually go away, but can anyone add to this??? My dr said there is nothing more they can do for me, medically speaking, but she's also reluctant in releasing me (to close my lawsuit). My friends think I should get a 2nd opinion, but I've run up so many medical bills now that I hate to make more! They are bugging me for payments (which I can't do), and they don't want to wait till the lawsuit is finalized to be paid.


                      horse again

                      hey everybody i just found this page on google and its excatly the right thing for me..
                      like lots of here i have a compression fracture of the t12.
                      last week friday 3/7/09 i had a fall at work riding race horses and hit the rail straight with my back. even i was wearing my back protector i was lying down in hospital for 5 days.
                      the doctors told me i wont be able to ride for 3 months. friday comin i have my first xray i hope everythin is ok and they will decide if i need surgery or not. i am wearin atm the brace.

                      i am just wonderin i am a jockey i earn my money with riding horses and i ride per day round 10 horses.. to the ppl who went back riding is the pain really bad ? and do you feel it ? i mean we jockeys have a different position on the horse is well which is not the best for d back...?!

                      Also i am just out a few days out of hospital but i am walkin around with my brace like nothin happened i have a little pain in the back sometimes it feels more like growing bone i am not doing much like, just go for walks, shopping and sit more than i am lying the brace i dont take off at all thou. its just i am afraid to damage my back more than it already is and dont really want surgery.

                      i had the standard jockey vest when my accident happend what for vest are u using? because i knwo in my job we fall!! and i dont want that it will be come any worse.. i can be lucky that i can walk. thanks god.!


                        Bicycle rider hit by SUV

                        4 weeks a go, while on my morning bicycle commute to work an SUV ran right into the back of me. I was thrown up, into and over the car. I have a T12 Burst Fracture, 25% compression, non displaced, 7 days in the hospital, I am now in a TLSO Brace for a min. of 3 months. I can walk but am experiencing a great deal of pain down my left side and left leg. I get intermittant numbness and tingling down my left leg/foot and in my left arm. The Nueorologist seem to only be concerned that I can use me leg at all. I finally got them to agree to see me, next week to Xray and re evaluate, but it was a hard push.
                        Does this sound familiar? does anyone have words of wisdom?


                          Did they also Xray your neck? You would never have arm tingling from a T12 fracture, displaced or not. Did you also have a CT or MRI? Root compression from a protruding or ruptured disk can cause symptoms like this. I would recommend seeing a different neurologist or a neurosurgeon who specializes in spinal problems to determine if you have any cord or root compression causing your symptoms.

                          The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


                            Yes, they did Xray, and CT my neck. I didnt start experiencing these symptoms until the end of the 3rd week. Is it possible the hyper extended position, about 3-4" curve, could contribute? It does seem my walking makes the leg worse. The arm has been constant since the same time frame


                              i don't know if anyone here can help me but i am at my wits end. i got hit by a car almost 4 months ago, sustained a compression fracture to my t12 (loss of height 10%), but it was missed on the day of the accident and it was only officially confirmed that i had this 3 weeks ago. i am in excrutiating pain and my doctor doesn't seem to take me seriously. also, i am a canadian citizen living in the province of quebec. if anyone knows anyone, has ANY info at all, please let me know. the pain has been getting worse the last 3 weeks or so (a bit before i found out for sure i had this fracture for certain) and while they gave me a form of codeine for the pain it hasn't helped and so i retuned the pills today (i had only taken them for 5 days but it was keeping me from sleeping, and making me constipated while helping with the pain 0%. hey, they might work for someone else, so why throw them away). the SAAQ is giving me the run around, as are my doctors. please help!!

                              re: girl sparky, have you seen a doctor about this issue yet?


                                fractured T11 & T12

                                I was in a car accident a month ago & fractured T11 & T12, broken collarbone with some other injuries. I have had a back brace for weeks now, but I have back pain every day, does not seem like it has changed any. Before this wreck I had never had a broken bone. How long before the pain stops and I can move without the brace?