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Compression Fracture of T12.

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    Why didn't your doctor order mri? X-RAY does not show cord. You need an mri. CT shows bone. Compression fractures won't heal. Orthopedic Doctor told us, it will take about a year for swelling to diminish. How much is it compressed?
    It is important to get up and move after compression fracture....I don't think work is recommended, unless your job is not to physical.
    If you can find a Neurologist, this is where I would go. I have found with my son, it is very difficult to find a Neurologist and not Neuro-surgeon who specializes in spine injuries. My son is a little over six months post accident. We have seen many Doctors...still looking for right one.
    Our family doctor told my son he did not need brace one week after accident. You need a Neurologist. We went the Orthopedic route, after seeing Neuro-surgeon. Now we are going to see another Neurosurgeon, as we were not able to find Neurologist who specializes in spine. I heard he is good, I am hopeful...but still wonder if no surgery is necessary, if he will not be interested in diagnosing son. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope.
    If you can avoid our six months of mistakes, wrong Doctors...please do. We wasted many hours on these docs.
    A neurologist or neuro-surgeon will most likely order mri. I would get this over a CT, unless your compression fracture is significant.


      Scooter Mom a burst fracture is worse then a compression fracture that could be why you are on stronger pain killer. It's been 4 1/2 months now and I'm back to normal. I am riding again. I wear a back brace to ride, back protection and a helmet now. I get muscle knotting after I do an activity of riding or lifting things so then I ice and wear the soft back brace for a little while. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help but I don't know what a burst fracture is like. Get an MRI and good luck Scooter Mom! Keep us posted.


        surgery for a t12 compression fracture

        i am considering surgery for my t12 compression fracture. has anyone out there had this type of spinal fusion? i need advise!!! </IMG>


          Originally posted by 3mgirls
          i am considering surgery for my t12 compression fracture. has anyone out there had this type of spinal fusion? i need advise!!! </IMG>
          Can I ask you why you are considering this route? has it been recommended by your Dr.? How have you been treated so far?


            Originally posted by gajumpr
            7 weeks ago I fell from one of my horses and suffered an anterior compression fracture of T12. I am a 27 year old female.

            The pain has gotten a lot better, but I still have bad days...and those are expected. My Dr, who I also work for, has me in a brace and I start PT in two more weeks. He is a Sports Med Dr, so I trust his opinion.

            Last week we took some more x-rays to check the progress. The fracture is still visable as is the compression...nothing has really changed. He says this is common and since it is anterior, there should be no affects from the fractured corner nor the compression.

            I am just wondering if anyone else has had this injury, and, if on X-rays, it is normal for it to appear the same? I dont want this to hinder my riding or other activities or cause me problems later in life. Where does the disk go when the compression doesnt "heal"?



            I really didn't understand your question until just now upon re-reading this entire thread. Let me try to answer your question.
            • Fracture. An anterior compression fracture of T12 means that your T12 vertebrae has been compressed and broke as a result of the T11 and L1 vertebra coming together and partly crushing it.
            • Disc herniation. Although they can, your discs apparently did not herniate into your spinal canal to compress your spinal cord or into your foramina (where the roots come out) to compress your spinal roots. I say this because if it had your doctor would be urging you to have surgery.
            • Healing. Healing does not mean that the T12 vertebral body will regain its former shape, although that is of course what one would hope. After healing, it may retain a wedged shape and hence not provide sufficient support for your spine. If this is severe, you may need surgery to fuse those segments.

            The fact that your doctor is reassuring you tells me that you don't have a severe compression fracture of T12 and that has healed in a way that does not threaten your posture and does not require surgery. If nothing is compressing on the spinal cord or roots, you are not in pain, and your posture is reasonable, it is best to postpone surgery for as long as you can.



              How are you finding the Oxycontin?

              For Scooter Mom

              My husband is on Oxy's after multiple fractures from sacrum to T5. He has been on 20mg SR for 2 years. He sleeps 15 hours per day. Before the accident he used to sleep 4-6 hours a night. They blame this on the Oxy. He has poor memory, concentration and comprehension. Not really bad but noticable. He forgets major, recent events. He is also clumsy and unstable - always falling over. He has apneas and choking events too. Do you get anything like this on the Oxy. The docs seem to think the Oxy could account for all this - which is why I would like them to try alternatives - but they do not want to. I think there must be something else involved. He was like this months before he started on Oxy. They only gave him Voltarol at the hospital and he was the same then.


                Hi my name is Kevin i live just out side aspen co. A few weeks ago, i compressed my t12 in a skydiving landing. When i read the question that you have posted it caught my eye. I also have the same semidomes as you . so i was just wandering if you herd anything? if so please let me know. thanks kevin
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                  Kevin, I have removed your e-mail address. It is not wise to post this publically as it sets you up for spam and lots of unwanted messages. You and those who want to privately communicate with you can use the Private Message function here, or the e-mail function, as long as you have them turned on. You can also post your questions to the forums.

                  The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.



                    Just a question here... I can so confused about this thread. How can you fracture and compoundly compress your spine at T12 and still be able to walk? How can you get around? You said in the beginning that you were worried about jumping again in the future. How well do you get around? I suppose you are not in a wheelchair?
                    I compoundly compressed my T12 and my legs didn't move an inch for 2 months. When I even slightly wiggled a toe (people couldn't even see the movement it was so slight) I was screaming that I would be better. Its been 7 months in a few days and I only have minimul movement in my legs.
                    Just a friendly question.......


                      Some people are just incredibly lucky and have only spinal fractures without any cord damage or compression, even with significant displacement of the bones.

                      Compression fractures of the body of the vertebrae often result in a lot of pain, but no paralysis. Compound fractures (where the bone sticks out through the skin) are extremely rare in the spine.

                      Many people break their backs every day who don't have paralysis. Most here were not so lucky.

                      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


                        I have a t12 compression fracture past 1 yr

                        I fell 26 ft about 1 yr ago. I have and am on morphine and loratab. I have loss of height between t12 and other vertebrates. I am about to call my primary doctor in a few minutes as she has made and sent emgerncy records to a emory neuro surgeon. I have began to lose control of urine and some bowels and they are really concerned. I have so much pain still. Unbearable at times.

                        I guess I could call now and post after I cal what they said?

                        well I called and no news, the nurse is about to call so I should here something in a few hours.

                        This looks like a good forum. Hi.


                          Compress wedge fracture T12

                          Hello guys, I google'd the subject and came up with you guys. I'm mailing from Dublin,Ireland. Medical care/treatment/prognosis/info seems similiar on this site to what I've been told.

                          On Wed 14/05/08 I dropped about 20 ft of a motocross jump and flipped the bike landing smack bang on my butt. I did a lot of tissue damage(degloving) and still cant feel around my cocyx. I made the mmistake of driving another 30 miles home in pretty severe pain but because i could walk i thought i was OK until after about 2 miles when i had to lean on the tank with my left arm and ride with my right. When i got home i dialled 112 and was on a spinal board in under 20 mins. But more importantly i did the t12 damage, about a 30% compression as per xrays/mri. V. Got out of hospital after 5 days and am told to rest up for quite a while. very sore, Can manage to walk OK. Will have to wear the back brace for 3 months. Bowel Movement/stomach seem OK so i guess i am really really lucky. I'm 6ft 4 and 16 stone so i guess wearing all the right protective gear was a blessing including a back protector and am blessed with a fairly heavy bone structure.

                          I am supposed to be flying out to disney for a family holiday in 5 weeks and staying for a month. Obviously i wont be doing any rides but what do you reckon about a 7 hr flight? What hire car would you recommend given the injury and my height, I won't be able to drive with the brace but my other half has never driven an Auto shift or on the other side of the road so i am going to be a front seat passenger.


                            I have read this thread with interest and thought I would share my story.

                            I am a 41 year old male and I live at Loch Lomond in Scotland. I fell off my roof when working on my house and I fell about 12 ft onto concrete - I immediately knew I had done damage as I couldn't get up and had difficult breathing having had the wind knocked out of me - I was placed on a brace and airlifted to the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow where, after a few days, I was told that having been initially diagnosed with a broken back in four places T10,T11, T12 and L1 (from X rays)- a CT scan showed that I was lucky and had a single stable fracture in T12 and a slight compression of L1 and could mobilise as soon as I felt I could - I spent a week in hospital and was only allowed out when, after a day of trying to walk without feeling dizzy or using a frame, my bowels moved!! A great relief despite the pain.

                            Its now been two weeks and apart from a slight tingle in my heel (which may have been caused by my foot hitting the ground rather than anything else) I feel great - I am off pain killers and can get around the house fine. Although I do feel tired and I get pain in my lower back when I am in bed (which feels muscular) it could have been alot worse. I have been told I could feel lousy for up to 3 to 4 months and I am not to do ANYTHING for 6 weeks - the consultant said, in simple terms, that my body will tell me what I can and cannot do and to date he was exactly right.


                              A week ago (June 15th) I fell of my horse while in the very early stages of breaking her. It was a very mild fall, but I landed right on my back and assumed I had broken my coccyx. My mother is a nurse so she put me on bed rest. The next day, I passed out from the pain while walking back from the bathroom, and they decided to take me in to outpatients, just in case. I got an xray and a CT and the doctor told me it was a compression fracture of my L1 vertebrae. He consulted with a neurologist at a larger hospital over the phone and they decided the fragments were not currently a threat. He gave me painkillers, told me to come in IMMEDIATELY if I felt any tingling or numbness in my legs, and sent me home with an appointment to see a neurologist in a month.

                              I spent the first 4 or so days on bed rest on our sofa bed. I couldn't sleep in my own bed since it's a water bed. My mom urged me to do some walking around and I gradually started going outside for short walks, at first with one of my parents and later unattended. I am now back to sleeping outside in the camper, and I can walk fine but with that constant bit of pain in my abdomen. I've discovered that I can drive, ride my bike, and ride the lawn mower, but it still brings me to tears to sit on the toilet, go figure! I'm also constipated from the codeine and my mom has been pumping me full of laxatives.

                              I realize I'm still in the very beginning stages of my healing and have a long way to go, but I am so worried that I will not be able to ride until next year. I know I should be grateful that I will be able to ride AT ALL, but still - horses are my life.

                              Is it normal that I was not given a back brace? The doctor suggested it might help with comfort but that it was not necessary, so I didn't get one.

                              How long do you think I could wait before trying to ride again, assuming I have a fast recovery and the neurologist okays it?

                              And finally, for those of you who also ride, what sort of vest or back brace can I get to protect from further injury while riding, and where can you get these? Are there special ones for riders?


                                fellow rider

                                There are probably differences. I had a T12 compression fracture. I was in a brace that could be adjusted for two months. I thought it helped. I couldn't ride for about 3 months. In the mean time I tried to do ground work as much as I could. Once I got back on I took it slow. I wore a soft back brace and I ordered a back protector that skate boarders and snow boarders wear. It's been 10 months since I broke my back and I feel back to normal. I stoped wearing the soft back brace and continue to wear the back protector and a helmet.