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Should Mom be left alone at rehab?

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    Should Mom be left alone at rehab?

    I am Rachel-M's sister. Our Mother has just started rehab at Baylor in Dallas. She has an incomplete C6/7 SCI. Our Dad is there with her every minute of the day. He is scared to leave her. I am afraid she is leaning on him too much. We have mentioned this to him. However, he is so worried about her. He won't give her the space she needs to figure out things on her own. Any advise would be great. Thank You.


    It is okay for him to be there and to learn the therapy and things. But he does need to encourage her to learn and do for herself what she can. This will progress as the rehab continues. I am sure they are working on increasing her arm strength and she will be able to do more on her own. So, he (and all of you) need to let her do what she can; when she gets tired, can't complete it, or can't do it, then assist her. It will make her stronger and more independent. You may find that she is less tired early in the day and needs more assistance in the evening. Think of him & yourselves as her coach.Le the do what she can even if it is seems minimal!

    Also, if he is a problem or she relies on him too much, the therapists and nurses will tell him to take a hike for a while (hopefully in nicer terms.)

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