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Dr. Young...complete or incomplete?

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  • Dr. Young...complete or incomplete?

    Have some questions about my injury..I was injured in a car accident on October 23, 2005. I broke my T4 in 3 places..I was told by my doctors that I was complete..yet I have sensation in my left leg and foot..not as much in my right..I also have sensation on my bottom (butt). I can't move my legs..but my parents can feel twiches in certain muscles when I try. I was told that I would never walk again, but will never give up the fight trying..I'm at 5 months post and will be attending another rehab soon. In your opinion am I "complete" or "incomplete"? I can sometimes feel when I have to urinate and can sometimes feel when I have a BM..Also, I saw a video of a girl walking that had a T4 injury..How is this possible? Has there ever been someone with an injury similar to mine that has recovered and walked again?...Thanks for your time..Let me know if you need more info..Also, would it help to decompress my spine if it already hasn't been done? I'm not sure if it has been..

    INIMITABLE......look it up.

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    I asked a the same question at about the same time after my injury and basically the incomplete / complete injury question is fairly mute. The rough definition of incomplete requires sacral sparring and voluntary anal muscles control. So if you can squeze your anal muscles (butt hole) then chances are you incomplete, if not you are most likely complete.

    But at the end of the day you diagnosis is irrelevant as the treatment for somebody at your time after injury is the same whether incomplete or complete, i.e. not a lot (however Dr Young always recommends that your injury should be decompressed if possible - worth checking). All you can do really is work as hard on your recovery as you can and what ever happens will happend irrelevant of your completeness.

    Good luck in the future