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    Just to give a bump!
    Originally posted by queen on 01-07-2006, 01:05 PM
    I guess I didn't get my point across very well. Sympathy for and forgiveness of are two totally different things. Forgiveness only frees you! Don't waste your sympathy on these people as they will most likely do it time and again.

    That individual will never know nor will she even give one iota that you have forgiven her stupidity. It just allows you to remain calm and move on. Dwelling on something never cures anything and dredging it up again and again is a waste of time.

    Otherwise, say the next time your driving and someone cuts you off, your anger rears it's ugly head again and takes you back to that "other time" (you hold so close under your emotional skin). You shout obscenities, put the "bird" out for viewing, your heart rate increases and your blood pressure goes up as your body reacts. Then you come to realize maybe that this driver veered into you because a child had run out into her path. (Just an example here).

    I like you McDuff held onto my anger of being wronged for over 10 years, only to find out a year ago that that individual I had hated for so long and so much had died 8 years ago. Maybe I'm just old, but that experience taught me to take better care of my emotional health as well as my physical side.

    Just an afterthought to claify my rationale! And, no, it doesn't make you a pussy or a wimp for being kind to oneself!

    [Colour emphasis added HT]
    This was very courageous of Queen to post and just shows you how miserable you can make your life.
    Han Tacoma

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      I will never forgive the people who shot my son. What was done to him was intentional and pre-meditated. The only wish I have (besides seeing my beloved Jordan recover) is to see those guys in a wheelchair. Make no mistake, I do not spend my energy on feeling angry, but if by some luck those people would end up being in a wheelchair, I would for sure do a nice little victory dance.

      eye for an eye.....
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