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    3 Months Post

    As of August 15th it will be 3 months post injury date. I have yet to regain any light touch feeling under my injury level (t4). However I do feel pressure and swear I can sometimes twitch my legs. Is it still possible to regain if I haven't thus far?


    It's possible to get "return" until the day you take your dirt nap. For the most part the line in the sand is 18 months. Beyond that you're considered "chronic" and can expect to live with what you have at that point. This of course is only temporary as so much is on the horizon. DO NOT allow anyone to take your hope and stomp it into the ground. Once you lose hope you're truly useless to yourself and all who knew you before your injury...
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      Dude, you have got miles yet to cover. I am 6 months post(T 7/8 inc.). I have gotten very good return on my right leg. Left leg isn't doing much at present. But, at 3 months all I could do was wiggle my right toe. So, as you can see, it may feel like an eternity,but if you are incomplete,work as hard as you can exercising,and good things will happen. If complete,there is still a chance for some return. Some people here are walking quads cause they busted their rearends to get as much back as possible. I've heard the 18 months time frame also,but some crips here have reported getting return 2,3,and 5 years post.I guess it boils down towards your commitment to hard work and a very positive attitude towards getting out of the chair.Keep at it and dont cheat yourself, hard work execising and trying everyday to get something to move will take you farther than any medication will..Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress. Also,if you discover a way of doing something that can benefit others,PLEASE share them,we all want out of these chairs...John


        Yeah, you've got a long long way to go. I expect you're still in spinal shock. (My unprofessional belief is that it lasts 6 to 9 months.) When the swelling in your spinal cord goes down you'll know more. Meanwhile, work your tail off, this is a window of opportunity that doesn't come again. It seems slow, well it IS slow, but maximize it.

        I swore I could feel a muscle twitching too. PT's didn't think so. I did a LOT of PT. 5 years later I can walk 1/4 mile. It's not pretty and it's really hard but it beats the alternative. I got lucky and I maxed it with a lot of work, it's the only combo I know that sometimes works.

        Prepare for the worst, get all systems in place to survive your level of injury. Work like a dog and hope for the best. When you're in bed, try twitching those muscles instead of counting sheep. Learn all you can and share all you learn.

        And welcome to the jungle...
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          3 months post is not the end my friend! . I am 2 years post and I am still improving. Its slow and its hard work, but my sensation has gone down several inches in 2 years, and I am developing my lower trunk muscles, and hip flexors and abductors. I know it doesn't sound like much but from where I was 2 years ago, its a big leap! Seize your chance while you are so close post injury and work those mucles you do have! Best of luck my fellow wheeled teen!
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            Twitches are GOOD!


            To hear you talk about twitches brought back a flood of memories (though my daughter is only 13 mo. post).

            Early on, Sarah (T5, incl.) would say "Even though you can't see my leg moving, I can feel it moving". Then she would tell me where to put my hand, and there it was, a little twitch of voluntary contraction.

            Those twitches have become BIG returns over time. Sarah is now walking (with a walker) and has improved immensely. She just got back from a 9 week stint at Project Walk.

            So keep them twitches firing and push the therapy all you can.