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Yes, there's hope and miracle if you only believe

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    Yes, there's hope and miracle if you only believe

    I have my laminectomy on 29 August 2003. I didn't know I had spinal stenosis pre-surgery but had symptoms of chronic back pain since 1996. Radiographs revealed only bone spurring in my cervical vertebrae. My doctor only prescribed Vioxx. It was a long painful symptom but my doctor thought I was only depressed. He gave me anti-depressant drugs but later ceased taking them as I am feeling like a zoombie. In 2002, I changed doctor who sent me for another x-ray after interpreting all previous radiographs. From the new x-ray, he referred me to an orthopedic specialist, who then sent me for another bone scan of various angle shots. This bone surgeon was alarmed and referred me immediately to a neurosurgeon. I hurriedly went to see him and told me to have an MRI asap or otherwise, I'd be fully paralysed soon. Whilst waiting for my MRI appointment, I began to feel serious symptoms such as tingling sensations, numbness, dizziness, shortness of breath, diaphram stiffness, imbalance and lost of control until one day on a footpath walking with my wife, I fall over and couldn't get up. I've to be pulled up by two guys as I am 178 cms tall and athletic. My family took me to the emergency hospital and trasferred me from one hospital to another. My neurosurgeon was called and an immediate MRI was taken. It revealed that my spinal cord was severely compressed due to narrowing of C2-C6. I was kept in the hospital and three days later, I was operated. Titanium metals were fixed into my C2-C6 to relax the severely compressed and injured spinal cord.

    Like some of you here, after the very long surgery from 8.00 AM, I woke up at the ICU around 7:00 PM with full paralysis in both upper and lower limbs. I was moaning in pain upon waking up. Nurses have to spray morphine into my veins to allay the severe pain. Only my eyes were moving and that's where tears fall in my eyes. My first thought was 'God, what have I done to deserve this'. I was praying for divine intervention and called the church elders (James 5:13-20) to the hospital. I was told that I may not walk again but if I start moving my toes or fingers, it is likely that I would be able to recover a bit of sensation which is a miracle. Two weeks later, I began to move my fingers and my big toe on left foot. Four weeks later, my right big toe, moved. On my eighth week, I was transferred to a rehab hospital.

    On my second week at rehab, physiotherapists used machines forcing me to stand up and to move my legs to walk. They taught me proper physical exercises, in bed or at the gym. On 2 Dec 2003, I was released home with a walking frame; severe numbness and painful tingling in my chest, upper and lower limbs. My fingers on right hand won't tipped to each other whilst my left fingers were like dendrites and won't twist. But, I am a fighter. I kept moving and regularly use the keyboards or typewriter to move my fingers. The pins and needles, stiffness and numbness of my shoulders and back muscles were unbearable. I couldn't raise both hands and the left is excruciatingly painful to lift - it looks like my left armpit was glued painfully but I closed my eyes and fight it out. My motto: it will move because our God could move mountains. Keep moving and don't let those finger muscles atrophied. And yes, they are also very heavy but my motto: the earth is also heavy but it floats?

    Today, I am at home still recuperating but I'll tell you, I don't use my walking frame nor wheelchair anymore. I go out shopping, sunbathing, and back to my worship services with my family and soon I will drive my car again and even go swimming. I only use one crutch now to stabilise my walking.

    When I returned home, I heard a promo over the radio that magnets in bed can help the circulation. I went to the net and researched. I asked my family to order one and gave it to me as my birthday gift last February. Since using pillow and spread sheet magnets whilst sleeping, my walking became firmer, my stiffed diaphram starts to relax, my tinglings are easing, and sleep and feel a lot better. I stopped using the crutch at home. I can even use both hands and my fingers in typing and bathing and soaping my body. I can even shampoo my hair with both hands.

    Since January 2004, I also discovered phytoestrogens from my family. I began drinking soya milk, and fruits and veges rich in phytoestrogens. Yes, they helped my nerves to regenerate. I have also been drinking Chinese tea as advised by a relative. She told me to buy the Oolong Chinese tea and Chinese green tea which help in blood circulation and yes, my constipation is gone and urination is now clear and regular. Green tea is very rich in phytoestrogen. Since adding phytoestrogens in my diet, my erection has also been regular and I had my first normal ejaculation last month. Sorry for this, but I want you to know and all my fellow victims of spinal injury that there is hope. I did these things through relatives' ancient herbal knowledge and I am good at self-research. I don't ask my doctors anymore. Once I read and hear something, I research and apply. Try these herbs and magnets. Go to google and enter phytoestrogen.

    Well, before I end my long message, I suggest you also seek Divine intervention. Miracles do happen in our lives. Let us throw away our anguish and depressions. All the best to you my friends in this forum and God bless your health. May 2005 be much better for all of us.


    clearly you think everyone else here just hasn't tried hard enough. [img]/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]


      Thanks, Hashem. I often wonder about alternative (non-western) therapies and if they would be of help. I keep meaning to research this topic.

      Happy New Year.

      Please submit your photo and story of hope:


        Divine intervention or natural recovery?

        Hey, whatever works.


          Natural recovery and divine intervention are statements that petained to what we call the 'unexplained phenomena'. Sure we live in this generation of disbelief and natural wonders. We call that 'modern lies and false transformation'.

          The ancient worlds have been proven to exist but we are stubborn to accept the divine truth. Natural recovery does not usually occur on its own but there is something 'there' that you must believe in (James 5:13-20). Even modern medicine has limitations. I was an example of that medical negligence. My last minutes were "DO OR DIE". Natural recovery happens by Nature's wonders we call, whether you like it or not, "divine or nature's intervention".

          All the best to your health.


            Yes, indeed Sue, modern medicine has limitations, try these natural therapies, or you may call it ancient remedies to differ them from the so-called and more commercialised 'eastern or chinese medicine'. There are also ancient treatments which you may find bizarre but worth trying.

            Good luck and God bless your health.


              Hello Nancie!

              Sorry, I was slow in responding to your reply to me. Well, just keep trying hard. Life afterall was not meant to be easy for all mankind and who said, it was good? Try and try until you succeed. Don't worry, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, oftentimes, we encounter some light along our way.

              Just keep smilin'. Take care.


                "clearly you think everyone else here just hasn't tried hard enough."


                it seems that way


                  Hi Hashem, interesting post. I, too, try to nourish my body by eating well. Where do you purchase your products?


                    Hi Hashem,

                    There's a big difference between a very incomplete "shock" injury such as yours and a complete SCI such as mine. I don't think soyo milk, magnets and prayer has any effect whatsoever on a complete SCI. 27 years and I'm in the same exact condition neurologically speaking as the day they scraped me up off the side of the road.

                    If there is a God and he wanted me to walk I'd be scheduled for a 10:00 AM tee time tomorrow morning.

                    I'm glad that you've recovered so well but as far a SCI is concerned, you're talking apples and oranges here.
                    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


                      I believe some muscles are there but we don´t know because we don´t bother to try, since in most cases that one muscle or two won´t be the end of the chair.
                      I was telling someone "look my toes don´t move" and as I tried, they did. But if I try to stand, let alone walk...forget it.


                        I don't think he was implying that anyone in here hasn't been trying hard enough. Simply put he was just trying to give some friendly advice that helped him and could possibly help others.

                        I can tell you what though, I'm gonna get my hands on some of this phytoestrogen stuff and see if it just might help.

                        Worth a try... Nothin to lose.
                        Injury Date : Feb. 23rd 2006, c6 Incomplete.


                          I have to agree with Bob on this one. No amount of prayer, health food or otherwise will have my son walking again.
                          But I am gald that you are doing better.
                          My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.


                            Originally posted by Hashem
                            Well, before I end my long message, I suggest you also seek Divine intervention. Miracles do happen in our lives. Let us throw away our anguish and depressions. All the best to you my friends in this forum and God bless your health. May 2005 be much better for all of us.

                            I wish I had this enthusiasm but I don't. I gave up a few months after being home. Also, being told that your spinal cord is, "The worst I have ever seen." dampens the spirit. I hope for the best and prepare for the worst.