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  • Update on Brocky

    Well I havent been on in a while (computer problems)so I thought I would give an update on Brock. He is at home sitting here watching me type as we speak. He is doing so good! He can now get up out of bed by himself. He can know walk with both legs. Before he had to have help with the right one. His mom and aunt get him up for a few minutes each night and walk him. He went with my son the other night to my sons girlfriends and climbed the stairs with help. His mom would like to know from the Dr. or sci nurse if them walking him at night is ok. They dont want to do anything to mess with his progress but he likes to get up and walk. He only gets 2hrs of therapy 3days a week. He has mastered the wheelchair pretty good he tries to run over everybody. hehehe. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Well gotta go for now. Hope everyone is doing good. bye now, Teresa

    This is great news. It looks like he is on his way for more better things.


      It all sounds great and wonderful. I like tracking how Brock's doing in comparison to my 14 yr. old daughter who just reached the 4 month post mark on 11/28.

      Brock has seemed to progressed a little better than Sarah, but we're making great strides as well. Here recently, we've been getting Sarah up on a walker each night. Last night she took 3 steps (only 2nd night of doing this). So we're very encouraged as well.

      Brock sounds very motivated, that's great! Sarah is more motivated to do social stuff than to do PT stuff, but she's been pretty agreeable for the most part.

      Nice to hear from you again.