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    iam planningto take my brother who met with an accident in july and had c6 spinalcord injury to india.its a long journey(20 hrs)and iam planning to have a break for oneday in london.i like to know is foley safe for journey and suggest me what type can he have.also i like to know what are the problems i may encounter in long trip.can u give advice on type of seat/cushion he can use.

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    Doctors recommended to me that I use a foley for long air trips. Ask his nurses to instruct you on the use and care required. Have you been trained to do his bowel care? If you are taking a break in London, perhaps you could make sure to have bowel supplies packed in a carry-on bag (so there is no chance of them being lost enroute). Then do his bowel care at the hotel that day. How are you going to get him into the bed at the hotel? I wonder if it would be a good idea to have a nurse lined up in London for that day if finances allow. You will both be exhausted and the flight the next day must be 12 hours or more. Eeeeek. If I were you I think I'd consider 2 days in London. You need to take excellent care of yourself, don't get dehydrated, a lot is on your shoulders. Most people use their wheelchair seats on planes, I believe. Pressure sores are a big risk with such a long trip. Are you able to travel first class? Being able to recline would be very helpful for his circulation and skin. Can he transfer himself? I suspect he is still weak, spinal cord injuries are so debilitating at first. Good luck. I'm going to copy this topic over to the Travel Forum and the Care Forum so you will get more response.

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