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Brock went to the pep rally today

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  • Brock went to the pep rally today

    He was so happy to be at school with all his friends. He looked so good. I was proud to see him with a smile. His physical therapist brought him. I actually didnt intend to stay but to see him, my son and all their friends together again was a sight. I mean especially out of the hospital setting. His mom and I just went on like nothing was new. We acted like we were there to see the pep rally too. But it was worth everything to see him be himself again. Oh, as far as progress he can now wiggle his toes. He can move both legs the left one more than the right. He can move both his arms left a little more than the right. His doctor says "you lucky s.o.b.,you" He is , I think, more shocked than we are at Brocks progress. He is going to the game tonite. I know we will win tonite because Brock is coming to bring us luck. Teresa

    It's wonderful to see that kind of news. I bet you and Brock's mother were a couple of happy campers.[img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

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