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    Bowel and Bladder

    What experiences have people had with bowel and bladder return? I am 7mo. post and have the sensation to urinate and some muscle control in having a bowl movement.

    I got enough bladder function return at about your stage to where I no longer had to cath. The bowels seem to have bowed out permanently. Once you have the sensation telling you to urinate, the bladder sphincters have to cooperate and coordinate to allow it. Good luck.

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      I'm 6 months post and have got the sensation of needing to urinate but still have to cath. Also, I'm just getting the ability to move my ankles. My neurologist said that ankles and bladder control are on the same level so there is still hope that bladder function will return. I still have no control over my bowels so must maintain a good bowel program. When I had hemorroids I could feel better now I have almost no feeling of my bowels. Good luck to you - let us know if anything returns!

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        Thanks for the returns. The ankle business is interesting. I have ankle control but not alot of strength. I wear afos for support. I also walk with a walker more and more. I am trying a daily bowel program now. I want to get my body back to doing things like I did before the injury. We'll see how it goes. I have a spinal cord compression due to an abscess in the T 3-7 area. Weird thing!


          Move problem...

          Move bowels...lotsa work...

          Pee witout cath...fagedaboudit...


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            I went to a bowel and bladder retraning center. I still do have accident's but I have alway's been able to tell that I needed to empty my bladder sometimes it's just the problem of getting it done. My Uro guy told me to stop cathing but sometimes I really have to strain hard which I know is not good. My Bowel's I pretty much use a laxitive everyday, but when it does not all come out sometime's I have a explosion. But I think it would do everyone good as they shock the sphincter muscles and I can tighten them a little, not much. Good Luck

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