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few more questions...sorry!

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    The benefit we are holding is a dance and dinner. A local band is going to be playing. We will also have raffels for baskets and a few silent auctions. We are still trying to get everything together. We are not having luck on food donations. It just seems like everything is moving so slowly.


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      I know things can be tough to organize and get going. Have you formed a 'committee' for the event? If you can do so and give specific people specific jobs to take care of.

      As far as food, have you tried local delis or bakeries? Some grocercy stores may also be of help, pizza places may be helpful also. I am sure you have tried to cover these places and it is not easy to keep going into stores to aske the same thing over and over, but in the end I hope it all works out.

      Have you developed any type of flyer or brochure for the event? Sometimes it makes it easier to get donations this way. We created a brochure along with a bio of Dennis to give people an idea of who Dennis is and what he has gone through the past nine months - along with what is ahead.

      Let me know if you need any help or ideas....