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how long does it take to repeat a movement

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    how long does it take to repeat a movement

    Three weeks ago my son was able to turn off one of those jerky spasms and also a few days after that he was able to lie on his back with legs dangling over the edge of a table and as his leg was slowly lowering to the floor he was able to raise it back up about one inch. That happened 2 days in a row. Now, he hasnt been able to do either. Was that just a fluke or does it actually take that long to repeat a movement once it is coming back, if that is what it was at all. He is so down in the dumps waiting for it to happen again and I just dont know what to say to him anymore.
    "Oh Lord, bless me indeed, enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me, keep me from evil, so that I will not cause pain."

    beelady, clearly something has changed the state of excitability of your son's spinal cord. Is he taking baclofen? Wise.


      Dr. Young,
      Jess is pretty lucky in that he doesnt have to take any medications at all, except antibiotic right now for acne that is causing trouble on his back. He has been at Project Walk since June 2 and that is where the bit of movement seemed to start but now it hasnt happened again. According to his trainers at PW, he is getting high marks on his leg activity level. After he was able to raise his legs that one inch they were even going to put weights on his ankles but decided to hold off for a while and I guess not much has happened in that area. I came back to MN and decided to quit asking him so often if he has more movement since it depresses him alot to have to say no to me.
      "Oh Lord, bless me indeed, enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me, keep me from evil, so that I will not cause pain."


        Beelady, I am sorry that I can't remember but what level was your son at the time of injury and what sensation and distribution of sensation does he have in his legs? Wise.


          Dr. Young,
          Dont be sorry. I cant believe how prompt you are at answering. Jess is C7, injured Dec. 14, 2002 in a rollover. He had a halo and then surgery to put a plate and bone in the front and removal of a chip in the back. He got feeling back immediately, starting in his feet and crept all the way up, still not normal and that goes all the way up to his armpits. He hasnt said too much lately about getting better sensation. He definitely has ab and back muscles and the side muscles and is working hard on strengthening those. Balance is getting alot better. As far as movement below the waist there is really nothing except this: when he TRIES to wiggle his big toe it doesnt move, but feels like it does and then it will tingle, but not all the time, he had what we hoped was the two days when he could lift his leg during therapy only about an inch but that hasnt happened and then he was able to stop a jerky spasm a few times and we just hoped that it would continue once it started but that was 3 weeks ago and now he says nothing. Could it be that since he is working 3 hours a day 4 days a week that the nervous system is just tired or do you think that maybe what we thought was movement really wasnt? Sorry this got so long, just wanted to let you know as much as I knew. Also, I forgot, he has been able to tell when he needs to cath and is good at guessing how much he will cath for at least 2 months now. Thanks again for answering my posts.
          "Oh Lord, bless me indeed, enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me, keep me from evil, so that I will not cause pain."


            beelady, what you describe are all signs of a person who is likely to recover more function over the coming months. He is 8 months after injury and he has a lot of recovery in front of him. I know that it is slow and discouraging but if he is disciplined about spending at least 1-2 hours a day working on activating those muscles, preventing contractures and other complications of inactivity, he should continue to get function back.

            I do suggest that Jesse not spend all his time on this. This is what can generate frustration. He needs to work on improving the part of his central nervous system that is not damaged, i.e. his brain. He should spend a significant amount of his time every day learning and becoming educated. Too many young people become so focussed on their recovery that they neglect their education.

            Many studies have shown that the quality of life after spinal cord injury correlates closely with the level of education of the person. The brain is enormously plastic and I think that people with spinal cord injury should be doing as much as they can during their rehabilitation to take advantage of the fact that much of their brain is idle and can be harnessed for other uses.



              In them weirdo CR pic games I have been playing,
              the thought has occurred with the right hand fingers there,
              what if one is starting for a finger or several to make in own systems alike a movement command.

              Although seeming questionable, it seemed to me,
              that such could be used in magic translinks there,
              just with the little finger already just before sensory aiming there,
              I had alike overload reactions in my SCI equivalents region.

              If such an overload occurs,
              next there might try to alike shut off with other systems.

              Even though mine are simplified alike healthy equivalents.

              I think if the dominance is with the sector(s) that are damaged,
              and their welfare is the primary,
              some stuff might be trained up eventually also longer lasting.

              But if just forcing brutally through damaged systems,
              to shortly reach something,
              this might be so much too much for these damaged systems,
              that this might be bad for them.

              So maybe it would be better, to heed how far the damaged systems are still feeling O.K. enough with something.

              Not all, that is forcible on damaged systems shortly, means,
              that this is good for them.

              Maybe higher cooperation with the damaged systems and heeding their welfare far more,
              might lead eventually instead of short temporary force-throughs,maybe at their costs,
              to longer lasting cooperations between systems.


                BTW, after I had that overload effect,
                I figured,
                I try to aim below and above the SCI equivalents in me,
                for what seems to be pertaining.

                Alike subregional in these sectors for there.
                And then holding for these.
                Sort of generating major logs for there.

                Waiting for what had reacted alike overload in between, to quiet down.

                And then waiting for what's gonna inregulate itself between.

                Assuming that these are little finger signal transit passage ways.

                I assumed, that such a method could be also used to change a little with this
                with the right side there.

                But the right SCI sectors there do not seem as highly damaged, as for example in that case left C1.

                So to what extent such could be used as a more general method, I don't wish to judge now.

                Also tracing in me from the left little finger upwards, eventually seemed to land with T1, if I got that right.

                However if I shift down in pic game aimings there towards that direction from C3,
                at C5 comes a major change.

                Basically with a bunch of settings,
                I cannot just shift down on then.

                There seem to be several special settings options, in order to get till T1 though.

                Anyway, seems a complicated issue, requiring inprogramming way higher in interlink capacities there a bunch of systems, if one were seriously out for such more, I think.

                With legs, way further down seem to be inlinks, not that I payed this much attention.

                But I guess to increase interlinks first to there in spine, and then on,
                might be more effective on the longer run, if possible in the first place,
                than just trying to force something through shortly.

                To figure out alike the entire main passages ways for this,
                and trying to increase these in interlinks to there,
                so it is becoming enough still for damaged systems,
                might be better.

                Anyway, on legs I am certainly no professional.

                Just meaning, SCI sectors, and trans-passages there, and the welfare of the damaged systems, might be more important,
                than what can get shortly forced through maybe at their costs.

                To aspire to force it through again and again,
                maybe also again and again at their costs,
                seems not the best of attitudes.
                But more to try to check, what's still O.K. enough with them.

                Maybe I could get a broken foot to shortly cooperate for stepping or even running also, and then be real disappointed if next time ain't go like this again.
                But the healing might be more important,
                than what shortly can be forced through damaged systems.

                Can he generate energetic translinks through,
                and figure out till what energetic levels
                or from where to where
                is still OK for the SCI sectors?


                  WY: "that much of their brain is idle and can be harnessed for other uses."

                  And what sectors in the brain would that be, that are idle.

                  Did the cells there croak in all these sectors,
                  and therefore no activities?

                  And with SCI some sectors can belong alike idle.
                  As if these were to activate as before and trying to just force stuff down,
                  I think would be seriously bad for damaged systems.

                  That there are options for getting brain sectors towards other uses,
                  can be regarded quite ambiguous.

                  As such I assume one could get upper back neocortex to extent energies backwards out and down and in again.

                  The sector however might not appreciate this unnatural activity.

                  Also anterior temporal cortex sideways out down to shoulders.

                  Guess also back occipital cortex, backwards out and down.

                  If out for magical acrobatics with the self,
                  there seem also some options for extending energetically out,
                  arching some direction and trying to interphase and log in there again.

                  Just even if such bypassers might be at high systems protests partially
                  trained up,
                  and enable to generate energetic translinks in quite unnatural ways towards below SCI regions,
                  it might be highly questionable,
                  how good such is.


                    BTW, since at some special uses:

                    I assume, if one were to generate high outblockers above and below SCI sectors,
                    so that as another person own remain out,
                    and aim for a limbic centered self direct from one's own,
                    in a more beamlike energetic translink,

                    and then sort of alike nearly cramp settings shortly towards special,
                    and try to pull aimed at the self of the other
                    in, over, and down below SCI equivalents
                    in(to) the own spine,
                    setting towards special settings,
                    that systems there are to accept the self of the other
                    as a co main steering central,

                    if practicing something as that quite long,
                    might even enable special uses,
                    that the other might eventually get the hang to use one's own spine
                    for regulating translinks down to below SCI,
                    and figure some stuff maybe also out this way.

                    Just that's getting into seeming to me quite complicated and not undangerous magical crafts,
                    where I can't say so far, I can just recommend trying for this method to just anyone.

                    Alone if the out-bridger settings for the SCI equivalents were to in between sort of collapse out of special stages,
                    and damaged SCI sectors getting alike energetically hit from their non SCI equivalents,
                    I have no idea how high damages there could go.

                    Anyway, one might get some brain systems towards quite something,
                    just if that's really a bright idea, seems questionable.

                    With not neglecting education too far, yeah, can be good.
                    Just guess if I had SCI, I'd be fanatically after trying to program around internally first loads of magic systems translinks,
                    and maybe next trying to find and start hardware transgrowth sequences internally.


                      Dr. Young,
                      Thanks for the message about Jess, again. I know, he is very frustrated right now and I try to convince him that his down time is as important as therapy but he just isnt doing much about it now. Anyway, thanks. I feel a little better after reading your message. As far as your message, Acid, I shall print it off and send it out to Jess. If Dr. thinks he needs to work his brain also, your post surely will get it stimulated simply by trying to understand it. Not enough hours in the day, but thanks anyway for your time you put into that [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]
                      "Oh Lord, bless me indeed, enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me, keep me from evil, so that I will not cause pain."