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    Originally posted by Bree71 View Post
    My son is 12 years old and had is first vp shunt placed at 3 weeks old. Now 15 surgeries later..... he has been having problems with overdrainage, we are now looking at yet another surgery or 2 because apparently technology has yet to catch up to him. His strata shunt is set at 2.5 and he is still overdraining and now the surgeon said we could add a "restrictor" and if that doesn't work, take out the shunt and hope he doesn't still need it. Now, my question I suppose is this, what are the prognosis' for restricting, removing, or just letting it be and living with the symptoms. I guess my husband and I are wondering if we are looking at our worst nightmare of losing our son. We just need to know if the outcome is probably going to be the same no matter what or if one way looks better than another. We really don't want to have him go through more surgery if the outcome will be the same especially because he has been through so muxh already.

    It breaks my heart to hear your description of the travails with your son. I don't think that there is anything that I can tell you that you have not heard already over the past 12 years. Most shunts have valves that are designed to prevent overdrainage. The fact that your son still has overdrainage problems despite over a dozen revisions is disheartening.

    I attach an reprint of an article from 2007 by Kondageski, et al. describing their experience with the Strata valve in managing overdrainage. It seems to have been relatively successful. I don't know if he has already had this.

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      Would a third vetricularostomy be a option in Bree71's case? I know it's a somewhat risky procedure but if it works it's a permanent soloution.


        Well, he does have the strata. Looks as though we are going to have a second anti-syphon device placed on July 20th. From there we will have to wait and see I guess, if it works GREAT and if it doesn't we are (God help us) discussing possible shunt removal. At this point my son just wants to feel better so I guess the only thing we can do is try.