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Just posted an article about spinal cord injury in children

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    Just posted an article about spinal cord injury in children

    In response to a person writing to me about spinal cord injury, I just reviewed the literature on pediatric spinal cord injury. See

    The person who posted was asking about a 5 year old boy in Hungary who had a C1/2 injury and wanted to know what to expect. I wrote the article because I get requests from people who know of children who get spinal cord injury.

    As an aside, I also want to say that, in my opinion, Hungary (Budapest) has one of the best, if not the best, emergency surgical care of people with spinal cord injury. They have very experienced and aggressive surgical approaches to decompressing the spinal cord within hours after injury. This is not being done currently in the United States. U.S. surgeons have a lot to learn from the Hungarians in this area.



      Excellent article Dr. Young. I think this part is especially true:

      People with pediatric spinal cord injury tend to assign lower priority to self-mobility and have the higher level of health-related quality of life (Kannisto, et al., 1998b) than people who were injured as adults.
      The following was true for me as well:

      Children with spinal cord injury also tend to do well in school.  For example, an analysis of 144 people who had pediatric spinal cord injury in Seattle (Massagli, et al., 1996) showed that above average student participation and performance compared to peers; 84% of those in secondary schools planned to attend college and 91% graduated from high school.
      I remember those years well. There wasn't a day that went by during the first 4 years after my injury that I didn't come home from school drenched in sweat and shivering. I'm glad there's a solution for it now.

      Abnormally increased sweating (hyperhydrosis) sometimes can occur in children after spinal cord injury and can be treated with gabapentin (Adams, et al., 2002)


        Seneca, I just found an interesting relationship between melatonin and scoliosis. See SCI (Related) research forum. Wise.


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          Regarding SCI children doing better in school - I think that is true because SCI and its perils eliminate a lot of distractions.

          While I am not a child, nor was I injured as a child(although I may act childish sometimes), my grad school GPA(post SCI) is far better than my undergrad GPA(pre SCI).


            cjo, I hope that these literature summaries are helpful. I usually write them in response to requests for information by people and my criterion for doing so is based on my searching the internet for the information. If I don't find good sources on internet, I try to summarize the literature on the subject (often for my own benefit). It usually takes an hour or two to produce these articles and I don't take the time polish the articles. I am hoping that when we raise more funds for the site that I can perhaps find an editor who would be willing to go through these things and put them onto a CD with a searchable index that can be distributed. We tried a year or two ago to create an "Frequently Asked Question" database but this proved to be too difficult and complex. People keep coming up with new questions and I felt dissatisfied with short answers because they sometimes may mislead people. Wise.


              Very interesting Dr. Young. Based on the article, it also appears that reduced Melatonin levels play a role in sleep apnea. It would be neat if pediatric scoliosis brought on by SCI could be remedied with M supplimentation. It would certainly provide a safer, cheaper and non-surgical solution, definitely wouldn't hurt to try. I hope the same holds true for adult paralytic scoliosis, especially if there's also a connection between its onset and low M levels. If nothing else, perhaps it could prevent further deformity.



                I told you many years ago that I'm taking melatonin regularly before sleep.

                It helped me to withdraw from valium & I'm wellrested in mornings...

                Unfortunately its not approved in Canada & I have to ask my friends to "smuggle" it along with DHEA from US [img]/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

                Unfortunetely I found these wonder drugs too late in my paralysis & I wonder if someone acute is trying them right now?

                I also wonder if there any bad interactions of these drugs with antispasmatics & elavil?? [img]/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif[/img]


                  Max, you can get melatonin from health food stores here in the states. How come it is not available in Canada? Wise.