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The Spinal Cord Foundation

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    The Spinal Cord Foundation

    posted 04-25-03 12:49 PM
    Hello, My name is Joseph Giannino and I just started The Spinal Cord Foundation out here on Long Island New York. We re a few weeks old, but we here to stay. Our charter is to fundraise money for research, and quality care for those suffer a Spinal cord injury. WE HAVE A SUPPRT GROUP HERE ON LONG ISLAND we will meet up once a week. This is for those who have been in afflicted with spinal cord injuries and for those who just suffered a spinal cord injury. Family members are gladly welcomed. EVERYONE is welcome to come. Please contact me if you live here in New York State or close by. I am a paraplegic since the age of five due to a drunk driver which claimed the life of my father and eleven year old sister. Our support group helps in many ways so if you would like to help us we need volunteers because we are new.You can Contact at (631) 696-5847 or email me at or

    Thank You & GOD BLESS

    Joseph, welcome. Wise.