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    L3 Complete Asia A

    Hi folks,

    New to these forums. Just passed my second year post injury this August. Not sure if that'd make me still a new SCI or not. Fell off the back of my friend's motorcycle that I never should have agreed to ride, they always scared me and that proved reasonable I guess. Burst fracture at L3, considered Asia A complete with bruising above and below, cracked my ilium and pubic ramus on my left side, and broke left radius and ulna. I've lost all feeling from the knees down and the backs of my legs, ass, and you know what. After all the bones healed I was up and walking in therapy with a walker and KAFO's but really limited. Still working on that and do some walking at home though I need a chair for any kind of distance or when pain is bad. I'm glad I'm able to do that, still frustrated by all the other aspects of my injury that I'm hoping to get more advice about.

    Welcome to CareCure.

    You may want to post in our Pain forum about management of your neuropathic pain. Unfortunately this is very common in those with lumbar SCI/D.

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