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Stenosis and Syringomelia

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  • Stenosis and Syringomelia

    I have had cervical stenosis with myelomalacia. MRI report says six syrinx (surgeon could only find 4) and they are all located at the level (C56) of where the stenosis is worst. They are very small( 4mm or less, except one). Over last two months things have gotten really worsened for me. I m preparing for ACDF surgery which does not touch the syrinx but open the spinal canal.

    I am wondering the prognosis for someone in my case. Is ACDF to open the canal the best treatment. Are the spine surgeons (like folks who do the ACDF surgery) experts in syringomelia? According to them the surgery can stop myelomalacia. Is it the same after the syrinx has formed? OR its worse? I have numbness and tingling in my lower body. It used to be in the legs. Then in the thigh. Then button. Now its on my stomach and lower back. It feels like I am getting numb.
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    Sukhre , I had almost the same situation . The surgeons very much should know about your Syrnix . In my case they fixed the stenosis and drained syrnix at the same time . This should fix any additional new trouble you have . My syrnix was at contusion site also , usually is . Good Luck !


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      Thanks for the response!

      My surgeon is recommending only ACDF (Did you do laminectomy or laminoplasty?(. They say that the syrinx is drained from behind opening the dura, which they are not recommending. Did you go to a special surgeon? Was your syrinx at cervical? Was it larger than 1 cm?



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        Sukh ,
        I had a Laminectomy . I did have a special surgeon , Dr Falchi at Craig hospital in Denver . Yes mine is at c-6 , c-7 level . So I was very scared . Do not remember the length but I know it was larger than 1 .


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          Your might be 1 cm,mine is 4 mm (the longest). I have seen neuro and spine surgeons and none mentioned anything about the draining. Almost everyone recommended ACDF or something similar (disc). Not sure whether the ACDF is the best solution. It seems that stopping the compression is long due and it would not hurt.