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My friend has T11 T12 complete after Ewing's sarcoma

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    My friend has T11 T12 complete after Ewing's sarcoma

    I am a friend of a person who recently had SCI (I am from Poland, and English isn't my native language so excuse me if I am spelling something wrong)

    My friend had a tumor which was pressing her spine. She was feeling increasing pain in lower back and she was losing her motory and sensory skills. She lost her bowel and blatter movements at the beginning and short after she lost all senses and movements.

    She had a surgery in 8h after losing all her senses and movements in legs. They sucessfully removed the tumor which was pressing the T11 and T12 segments. They diagnosed the tumor as primary Edwing sarcoma. She had 3 series of chemo and now she started rehabilitation in a rehab facility. During the time of taking the chemo (2,5 months) she was receiving rehabilitation at home.

    My questions to you is this:

    1. Is there a chance of recovering at least blatter and bowel movements? (at this time, which is 2,5 months after the injury she has none).

    2. Is tumor pressing on the spine better/worse/the same as for example car accident? Are chances of her recovery any different?

    3. Is there a chance that it can be something else than SCI and she will regain all functions? or it has to be SCI and she will never completly recover from this.

    I would hope that after removing the tumor, that sensation would gradually return to its normal state. The pressure is now supposed to be off the spinal column with the help of chemo, anti-inflammatories rest and rehab. I guess time would tell. Hope someone with more knowledge will join in this question.
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      if she has been classified as a complete there is little hope of any return of function.
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        I can't offer any advice but I wonder why they didn't do the surgery sooner before loss of movement and bowel/bladder?

        I had to do a quick google check on what ewing's sarcoma was ..
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