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SCI after labor

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    SCI after labor

    My sister about 4 years ago, had a baby. She went to the hospital and she got an epidural. Well she must had got stuck the wrong way or place, because 12 hours after her c-section she became paralyzed. She cannot eat on her own, walk at all, talk at all, do anything. She almost looks lifeless. Her limb in her arms, wrist, and feet look droopy and the hospital is being sued. Will she ever be the same again or even close? She is only 23 years old as of yesterday and her daughter came out just fine. Why did this happen And is there anything that can be done?



    What a heartbreaking story! I'm sorry this happened to your sister and family. You must be devastated. I'm glad you found CareCure and you'll find good advise and plenty of comfort. The world of unknown is not a fun place to be.

    Do you know her diagnosis? Is she able to move her arms or legs, wiggle her toes or fingers at all? Has she had MRI's, CT scans or been through rehab? Do you know if she has a spinal cord injury or if she developed an infection after the epidural? What does her doctors say happened?

    She is fortunate to have a caring sister!
    Incomplete, SCI, T1-T8, w/ Arachnoid Cyst. Bilateral shoulder surgeries, 2 on the left, 3 on the right, right forearm surgery for a crushed radial nerve.

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