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First Ever Spinal Burst Fracture = What do I do?

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    First Ever Spinal Burst Fracture = What do I do?

    Hello fellow Warriors!

    I am new to this forum.

    On April 10th 2013 (17 days ago as of this writing); I was riding a mountain bike, not to fast (was attempting to keep speed slower); not sure how I flipped over the handlebars (that's what happened) and fell on my head, first injuring with fracture to C5 and then landed on my back and Burst Fractured T8.
    When I came back to alertness/out of unconsciousness, I attempted to get up but the pain was overwhelming.
    A thought passed my mind 'crawl to my bike and slowly walk back to the house where others were to ask for help'
    but my inner voice/Intuition Said:
    NO! Just Relax, lay back, everything will be fine. (about 9:45am)
    I layed there slipping off to sleep/unconscious. Sun beaming down on me.
    At 4:55pm a friend (Pedro) was off work and headed to town, saw me on the side of the road (he said he wondered All day where I was). He couldn't tell what happened, saw the Bike then me (not moving/lying still).
    He stopped his truck, then called my name and I was unresponsive.
    He (Pedro) then attempted to get my attention and wake me up. I moved and demonstrated I was awake, yet badly sunburned with nearly 7+ hours in the sun I had 2nd and 3rd degree sunburns and also a cut/laceration on my right Shin.
    He called our fellow employeer for help and what to do and he Ran there quick! He (roberto) Ran over (150+ yards) and the 2 of them gently loaded me into their truck and drove me 20+ miles to the Emergency room/Hilo medical center.
    Once I was stabilized, treated for cuts/sunburn and put on IV therapy for heat exhaustion and dehydration, the hospital had me sent by air ambulance 150 miles away to nearest trauma hospital (Honolulu, Hawaii) with a Neuro-surgon. The neuro surgeon decided to wait to see if my inflammation would reduce and attempt to avoid surgery, he decided to not operate; This was 14 days ago on April 13th.
    I started initial physical therapy 7 days ago on the 20th and have been improving. Began walking on my own with limited Walker assistance.

    Was just transfered back to the original hospital where I was first treated (Hilo, Hawaii [after the first few weeks its just another place] and I am happy so far with the Kind Nurses and Kind Nurse Assistances).

    I was just offered some options (today/Friday) to either move closer to where my parents live (who cannot really assist me at all, but I also have allot of friends nearby, most of whom cannot assist from what I know, aside from a Fund Raiser); the medical system is much more sophisticatred there in Southern California (Los Angeles) and I am asking you All and Seeking guidance for some advice.

    I simply desire to Recover by gettin great care, not very interesed in a 8 hour flight to Los Angeles, could barely handle the 1 hour flight from Honololu, Oahu to Big Island; Serious back pain.

    Note; I came here to work for a retired chiropractor friend who Teaches health lectures and came here to Produce Videos (Shoot & Edit videos for internet use).
    Used to Love hiking and would love to again in the future.

    Thanks for reading!!


    Originally posted by cheesecake View Post
    Time for another follow up! Same for Deal and Brownback.
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    Actually he is in "the states" already...he is in Hawaii, which is part of the USA!! I think you mean back to the mainland.

    Where in Southern CA is your family? Are you insured? Do you qualify as a legal resident of CA?

    The main question here is do you actually have cord damage? Do you have paralysis at all? Loss of bowel or bladder function??

    While vertebral fractures without neurologic injury are indeed very painful and can temporarily limit function, generally they would not qualify you for inpatient rehabilitation unless you also have documented cord damage.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.