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    my caregivers dad girfriend was shot in the butt now paralized a para no insursance nothing they have him on a morphine pump for pain. they are tell his mom he has to leave in about 5 days

    i ask machille if they have taught him any no they haven.t they tried to sit him up but got sick

    no wheelchair nothing i told them to ask for patient advocate and call shepards in atlanta

    he is in atlanta whatelse can i tell them to do ,

    i told them they needed to contact shephards a week ago and come on here

    please any ides or advice

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    Originally posted by smashms
    He needs a social worker to get him signed up with Medicaid or whatever your state has. Other than that not much else you can do you have to.d him about sheperd which is the best place for him. Like you have said a patient advocate could also help. If they are making him leave it is an unsafe discharge the way you have said it. I highly doubt that they would put someone at risk out like that. But that is my opinion. Good luck to him

    i truly don/t know just what my caregiver told me her dad is dating the mom

    she just was so upset last night but...... alli can do is tell her....

    what does happen to people with no insurance ?

    i know my bill was 20,000 thast was 2001

    and was 20%


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      Originally posted by smashms
      It depends on a lot of things re paying it off as far as them discharging him that way he is they cannot they need to send him to a rehab or nursing home it is considered an unsafe discharge, and if anything happens they can go back on the hospital. I think it is with in the first 24 to 48 hours but I am not sure. Tell them to contact a social worker about the Medicaid or a program like that. And also get a patient rep or advocate involved. Many times hospitals have a charity care program which he can apply for and depending on income they will write either a portion of it off or the whole thing.
      i will tell her again to nite man i heart go out to him

      but ..... i cannot begin to think of this life with out the support