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    Thank you everyone for such great information!

    I know Dr. Young says not to get caught up in Asia the asia scale rating, but I am happy to report that my husband has just been upgraded to an Asia C We discovered last week that he had some movement in his left leg, but it appeared to be just a very slight movement, and it was really hard to tell what exactly he may have moved. Friday night when they got him back to bed I asked him to move his leg again and he could actually bend his left knee a little bit!! Dont get me wrong, he's not swinging his leg or hopping around.. it is a slight movement but it's there and I love to see it!!

    Today during his PT they determined that he can move most of the muscles in his left leg, even his hip!! I am completely over the moon about this. We haven't had any return to the right side (yet) but i'm hoping that will come eventually!

    I do have a question regarding blood pressure and AD though. This morning his blood pressure spiked and they cathed him right away and got a pretty decent amount (between 500 to 600 cc) and then right after they cathed him his blood pressure this typical? I guess I kind of thought that once you find out what's causing the AD and fix it that the blood pressure would just stabilize... any thoughts?


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      Its hard not to get caught up with progress. Glad to hear your husband seems to be improving steadily. I have never had AD. Sorry, can't help.


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        One sign of AD is blood pressure spiking. My experience is that when you find the source causing AD, things normalize quite quickly. when cathed did they sit your husband up? Especially in relatively new injuries, quick changes in position can effect blood pressure and sitting up would tend to drop blood pressure.


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          Thank you MFlounacker and dozer1dave for the responses. When they cathed him he was already in the upright position. He hasn't really had any problems with AD until yesterday and he's been able to sit up completely without having any blood pressure issues since the end of September. Should they have taken him out of the chair and laid him down in the bed to cath him anyways? It still seems strange to me that his blood pressure would drop so low after they cathed him...any thoughs on that? His blood pressure before cath was around 145 and after they cathed him it dropped to like 66...thats a huge drop!


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            Shan - As others have said, each spinal cord injury is unique. I know it's hard right now to take one day at a time because your lives have been upended, but having your husband really participate in therapy to rebuild as much strength as he can and avoid complications like pressure wounds (by doing weight shifts) over the next few months will be important. The docs you've talked to probably brought this up, but most recovery occurs 6 months to a year after such an injury. The up and down blood pressure he's getting should stabilize over time...after I was first hurt I would get very light-headed and actually pass out while getting up and laying down...over time this got better and doesn't happen much at all today.

            Good luck...your husband is lucky to have you in his corner.
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              Thank you, Kyle! You guys have no idea how much your help and advice means to me! I am so thankful for you guys, you have no idea!