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c5 c7 burst fracture

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  • c5 c7 burst fracture

    Hi name is Tyler Wheeler and im here to share my story of an sci I obtained three months ago.i am 17 years old..most teenagers make mistakes in their life and u learn from injury took place in Daytona beach Florida on the last night of mine and my friends vacation. We started the Friday by hangingout With my friends father and that night we made the mistake of taking LSD. By midnight we were tripping a little too hard. We were in our hotel room and made our way down to the lobby. When the elevator door opened I took my shirt off and ran full speed into the automatic two inch thick glass bent inwards and shot me back twenty feet onto the ground..I hit my head hard enough to cause a burst fracture in c5 c7.I was rushed to the hospital where no one new my injury was so serious.the next morning I was released for minor head friend and his dad met my grandma at our home town hospital where they soon found the abnormality in my neck.they immediately strapped me to a board and stabilized my neck and sent me to Eggleston in Atlanta where my surgery took place.they replaced my c5 with a kadabra bone and fused it together.I had little movement in my arms. I was very lucky to be in the condition I was in.had good leg strength just very little movement in my arms. A week after surgery I was transferred over to Scottish rite where I began my pt and ot.after a month and a half of working hard I was released.I am expected to fully recover in the next has only been three months and I'm doing great.I thank God everyday BC my situation could have been alot worse looking at some of the stories on here.I pray for all the people with sci out there.i also pray for their families.thank you for reading.