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Recent Spinal Cord injury from intoxication

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    jennifer, hang in there , i know this is very hard on you, do as the others have said and eat well and get enough sleep. You cant help your dad if your not in top shape, good sleep and food = good mental state.
    Considering the battle you have , KLD just gave you great info, so your one step with good information, to try and find a way for him not to go into a nursing home.
    I agree , nursing homes are just a road down hill for sci especially new sci . Get with the hospital social worker and try and work with her to get your dad into the accredited SCSC that KLD gave you the link to.
    Besides that remember he has to always look forward, never look back at mistakes that got him there. Dont let him get into the should haves, shouldn't haves, If i had , all the stuff that will go through his head once it is cleared up and he realizes what has happened.
    just got to get him to look forward, plenty here know that routine. The negative stuff will eat you up and stop recovery.
    you found a good place for info and support.
    cauda equina


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      Jennifer, i wanted to add something to the great advice you have been given. Is he being turned regularly to prevent skin breakdown? It is VERY important that this is done so he doesn't develop a pressure sore. His skin should be examined several times a day. Please look in to this.


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        Jennifer's Dad

        Jennifer, Please don't let them bully you and your dad into a SNF or sub par rehab. KLD knows her stuff. You are in my prayers


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          Thanks so much for all of the tips and advice. Sorry I haven't been on here for a little while, dad went into Septic Shock. He was wearing himself trying to breathe so he was rushed to ICU and put on a ventilator. His fever spiked to 103.7 and his blood pressure was so low, he was given medication to help him maintain one. The doctors believe all the delirium that dad was experiencing was Sepsis but for some reason his body didn't develop a fever until much later. We are on our way over this big speed bump and I am hoping after the infection is gone and they can wean him off of the ventilator, he can have the surgery on his neck. This has been so hard and I can't express enough how much I appreciate everyone's advice and kind words


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            It's called ICU psychosis and I had it BAD.
            I was on a trian ride through Utah, there were evil hippies, chinese people, it was 1894 and everyone was after me and I was convinced I could walk, if someone would just give me my shoes.
            It started when they were titrading me down off the major drugs.
            Hope he pulls out but sounds like he was in a tailspin to start with - Best to you both & good luck - time will tell.
            Steve Garro.


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              Jennifer, when I was first injured I was on morphine and had really weird hallucinations. My room was in a trailer with a hot tub and a male nurse in the tub with 2 hookers and too busy to give me my meds. Also the room on fire, meeting with the med flight pilot, trips to the Rockies and camping in stairwells. Some really strange thoughts. Once I was off of the morphine these stopped. I did my rehab in ATL at the Shepherd Ctr and they are really great. They have living quarters for the families on site. Best of luck! You can find my number in directory assistance if you think I can be of help to you!


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                im really sorry you are going through this. your dad is really lucky. it sounds like there is a chance he can recover some of his body back. He is probably on I.V alcohol, and not enough to satisfy his body and its dependency on it. just enough to keep him from going into a kind of withdrawal shock that would kill him. the hallucinations are normal for someone with severe alcohol dependency, who is detoxing.

                I hope that he is in long enough to fully detox, or they are aware of his need for detox when they send him to rehab.

                This horrible accident may have actually given him a second chance at a different life.

                when he is well enough to understand you can tell him about this place. he can find answers and support here. also if you don't mind, can you private message his first name to me? I would like to pray for him and for you.

                I know what it is like to have a daddy who is drunk. what it does and how it feels to not be able to convince a daddy not to drink like that. My dad and grandpa died from drinking. My grandpa was not found in time when he fell while on a bender. He broke his neck too. He had driven everyone away from him with angry words and terrible accusations, so no one was there for him like you are for your dad.
                you will remain in my thoughts.