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    my name is robert. Three weeks ago on March 24,2012 my friend broke his C5 in a diving accident. it still seems un real. He never lost his concisness or breathing ability. He has good upper body mobility but his hands are very week. He has been diagnosed as a C5 incomplete. He has alot of sensation in his legs and other parts of his body. He is in hehab and looks like his is improving but slowly at best.
    I wanted to see who here has a similar fracture and what their recovery rate has been as far as being able to walk at least or control thier bodies functions such as urinary and bowl movements which he can not do either. He also gets cold/hot spells and experinces episodes of sever burning and sharp pains all over. Any info would be great.

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    Where is he in rehab? How long has he been there, and how long are they planning on keeping him?

    The fact that he has gotten so much return so quickly is great, as it predicts him to continue to get some more return over time, at least over the first 2 years post injury. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict how much, and for how long he will continue to improve.

    What is important at this point is for him to take advantage of everything that he can get in rehab as far as education, strengthening the muscles he has, and learning functional activities to allow him to go home and keep himself healthy.

    This includes proper management of his bowel and bladder. Even if he does not get back voluntary control here, he can learn how to manage these things. He may also have sexual issues if he has bowel and bladder problems, so encourage him to ask and get the information he needs about these things before he leaves rehab.

    Is he getting treatment for his neuropathic pain? This is important, and often neglected. Meds other than opioids are best, and his rehab doctor should be working on finding the meds that improve this the most for him.

    Get him on-line here ASAP too, so he can be an active member of our community. He can learn a lot from our other members.

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