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    Hi Vent Weaners,

    (1) ICU: When my Dad, C3-C4, was in the ICU (for two months), he could only take a few weak breaths on his own. He occasionally breathed "over" the vent - but not for long -- they said that he would never get off the vent.

    (2) Rehab Facility: When at the rehab facility, a kind nurse convinced a doc (not a pulmonary specialist) to do a fluoroscopy -- which showed that my Dad's right diaphragm was moving at about 25 percent. Left diaphrapm was not moving.

    (3) LT Sub-Acute: Transferred to a LT sub-acute in Jan, they immediately tried to wean him - I tried to tell them to wait or to get a pulmonary specialist to check his diaphragm before they tried -- but, they got annoyed and said that they were experts and would "go for it." So, after about 1.5 months, they said that my Dad couldn't wean.

    But, a few days ago, I just noticed that the bpm is set at 14 -- but he can breathe at 16 (he's sustained it for few days with an occasional drop to 15 -- and yesterday, a rise to 17). RT says that this doesn't mean anything -- and, they won't try to wean him again.

    The LT subacute doctor seems to think that my Dad's diaphragms aren't moving at all -- so, I had to remind her that the right one was moving. She's consistently refused to do any pulmonary tests -- but I'm hoping to get an ultrasound or fluoroscopy, at minimum.

    Question: Does anyone know if the ability to breathe 2-3 breaths over the setting is meaningful?

    I'd appreciate any ideas or sharing of experiences.
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