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New Seeking Insight: Posterior Cervical C6-7 Fusion

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    New Seeking Insight: Posterior Cervical C6-7 Fusion

    Hello and greetings to everyone.

    My name is Isaac, I am a 31 male, living in Seminole, FL. I had a posterior cervical fusion on January 30 of this year. Since then I have had a couple of issues arise and I'm not getting much out of my local doctors. I am hoping that my description of the issues will allow someone to give me insight into what is going on. Plus, perhaps give me some better questions to be asking to get the answers that I am desiring.

    I do have two rods and four screws.

    I took two sets of x-rays post-op. After the first set they said that they thought they saw movement and took a second set. They said everything was in alignment.

    Since the operation, I have had a large knot form at the bottom of the incision area. I am guessing about the c7 area of the neck. It is a hard knot and makes me think it is the c7 protruding much further than it did before I required the surgery. I am aware that most if not all everyone does have a bump in that area that is normal for the c7. This is MUCH larger than it was before my accident in October that resulted in the subsequent fusion.

    My pain management doctor said he had never seen anything like it. Which, to be honest, kind of surprised me since I would have thought within his field that he would have seen all types of problems from fusions and other types of spine surgeries.

    I also sought to find out what is going on from a professional. As my insurance is gone, I just visited a local ER. They never answered my question as to what is going on as far as the knot. They did, however; say that it appears that I have a screw pointing the wrong way.

    So here are my main two questions:

    What could the knot possibly be? Could it be the C7 protruding out because of the weight of my head and upper neck pushing forward? As I still can't hold my head up straight.

    What are the problems that I could face with a screw pointing the wrong way? They said it looked to be pointing inwards, but they weren't sure. They didn't have a neurologist on staff at the small hospital I went to. How dangerous to my spinal cord could this screw be? Any idea as to why they didn't find this out sooner? Could this be the movement initially seen in the first set of x-rays?

    Thank you for your time and insight into these issues. I wish for everyone a healthy recovery and may science find a cure for those without relief.

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    Thank you,

    Your welcoming to care cure is very much appreciated. I am hopeful that someone will have some insight into what is going on, or that I will be given some ideas for questions that allow the doctors less wiggle room.

    I have an appointment later today. Hopefully, at the worst, I will gain some information from them and can post a response to what is going on. It is just that some of these doctors are tremendous and some I wonder if their head is in the game at all anymore. Scary thought when every action or inaction taken by them can have such an all encompassing impact upon our lives.

    Perhaps with that realization I will pray for my Doctors today. Thank you once again for your warm welcome.




      Sorry to hear that you're still suffering. I had posterior fusion of c6-c7 on Sept. 12, 2012. While I have had some difficulties in the area of muscle strength, some arm and neck pain, I have been able to return to about 75% of where I was before the surgery.

      In my opinion (I am not a doctor) You should have been able to hold your head up straight immediately following surgery although maybe not for long due to muscle issues that arise as a result of the surgery, or without the aid of a neck brace. The plates/screws should have been placed such that it insured you were able to position your head/neck fully straight. Of course, it would take a while for you to recover such that you had suitable neck strength for other positions, but holding your head strait up should not have been an issue.

      I urge you to get copies of your x-rays and seek out a second opinion. It's your life, do everything you can to take care of YOU.

      Please keep us posted. How did your follow up appointment go?