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If I explain the symptoms maybe you can relate...

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    hlh has given very sound advice, IMO. I haven't commented on the thread until now because there really wasn't anything I could add - and am only doing so now because I want to underscore the need for you to go to the best facility in your area. Having had dreadful medical care at critical stages of my condition (MS), I urge you to go where the expertise is - in spite of anger and frustration. The people at Kessler would have been within their rights to charge for the missed appointment(s), so rescheduling was a kindness - though I do understand that because of anguish and almost unbearable levels of tension at this stage of your journey, it seemed like a slap in the face.

    SCI is a wilderness, and there are no easy routes through it - if you are within reach of a proven guide who knows the terrain (i.e., Kessler), do whatever you can to get onboard.

    (For the record, my experience has been the same as hlh's when it comes to reminder calls - most of the specialists I've seen don't call, they expect the patient to remember. My local ENT and dentist do make reminder calls, but not the big guns in Denver.)
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions