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  • My injury

    Hey all,
    My name is Eric. A night of bad decisions caught up to me when i woke up to a voice asking me if I knew where I was. I was confused and Losing my grip on conciousness. I remember thinking if I was in a hospital, I must have gotten hurt at the university I used to go to, a place where it's a wonder I came out of in one piece.

    The voice said 'no. You are in fairfax hospital. U have had a serious injury and we need to contact your family, you are still in critical condition, and there's a chance you may not make it.'

    First person I called was my girlfriend. I heard the nurse speak to her 'you and his family need to be here now, he is not stable.'

    The next day my family was there but I had breathing tubes down my throat and my head shaved with a gnarly mix of stitches and drying blood, goin from just above my left eye, running all the way to the back of my skull.

    I didn't remember what happened last night. I was told by my roommates that after drinking, we went to a park, climbed a few trees n began throwing a frisbee from tree to tree.

    Then the fall, losing grip and falling 30 ft, hitting every branch on the way down. First thing my roommates saw was the gash on my head. None of us had brought phones w us and we were far from our place. Out of no where a man walks to us. An older man walking alone in a park at 2am with a phone probably saved my life.

    That's a lot to read, but I started writing n kept goin, like it felt good to put it in writing. Another thing, I really am excited about joining these forums. Knowing there r people out there that I can learn from.

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    I also had a few questions:

    Its been 1.5 years since I was hurt. Went from asia b to c in maybe 4 months with pretty strong big toe movement. Some fingers twitch, no grip at all.

    If I put my heel on a ledge, I can lift it a little. If my tone kicks in, I can move it pretty well. Right pinky finger won't move unless the tone kicks in. First question, what does it mean if something only moves during tone, or kinda help it?

    Anyone have similar time since injury/limited return?

    Thanks for any help

    If u don't have answers or anything, feel free to comment, or say hi


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      Hi Eric, welcome to the forums! Wow, was lucky someone was passing.

      The doctors were very vague about what i'd get back and when too. I was told i'd get about 80% of what I was likely to get back in the first 6 months and by 18 months that would be more or less it. I'm still not long after my accident so I'm not really talking from experience just what I've been told. From your post it looks like you're still progressing, I hope you get some more movement back. Have you got much sensation?

      Sorry I don't have any real answers for ya, hopefully someone else will chime in.

      Best wishes mate,
      T11 Asia A after near-fatal bike crash.. Just happy to still be here

      No, I didn't loose my mind... It got scared and ran away!!


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        Yea, I've always had sensation, not a lot but I can feel touching, not temperature.


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          Hi Eric,
          I believe "Muscle tone" refers to a muscle that is not flabby, a muscle that has some nerve stimulus.
          If you focus on that finger, you may notice the connection. It may happen.
          Best wishes