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    New SCI

    I am a mom to a 20 year old Junior hockey player. On Dec 6,11 he was playing in a tournament and went head first in to the boards. We were not able to attend however, another players hockey family followed the ambulance to the hospital and kept us upto date via phone. We lived 5 hours away and drove down just as our son was out of the MRI. I can not explain my feelings as we walked into the Intensive care unit where he was flat out and not able to move. I believe I was numb and still am. After much discussion and consults the Drs stated he had a concussion, fractured T5. They were not sure at this point of the damage to his spinal cord. We would need to wait for swelling to go down.
    Today he is able to move his upper body however has back & neck pain which has just started this last week. He was in a inpatient rehab for two weeks and learned to walk min with fore arm crutches. For distance he uses a wheel chair. I have been told he is very lucky. Why do I not feel like he is lucky. He was going to play college hockey and go to school next year. His goal now is to skate one more time in warm ups with his team. I need to be prepared on what to say or do when this all does hit him as the Drs have told us that all patients go through different stages of depression, anger, frustration and more. If there are any suggestions please help me out. T

    My condolences for your sons injury. I think many times it is harder on the parents than us.

    I trust you know how blessed you are that his injuries are not more severe. Most hockey injuries end up with the person being a complete c5/6 or higher quad.

    The time is early, it sounds like good stuff that he is walking in such a short time. He is an athlete and will continue to be one. Many of us had dreams like his. The sports will continue if he chooses. I can see a potential Paraolympian it sounds like. He is an athlete and will continue to be one no matter what venue he plays in.

    It seems his goals are set and he's working hard, as they should be. I think once you come in contact with oither SCI's you'll see how forunate he is.

    You've come to the right place, the support and information here in incredible. You are getting prepared by coming here. I'm sure the rest will chime in also.

    Remember, you have to take care of yourself so you can be there for your son. I can assure you that no matter the outcome; your son will be okay. He will be capable of leading a very fullfilling life completley independent to take care of himself.

    As a man injured 38 years ago, the best suggestion I can him is to get as strong as he can. This is a time to work hard and also a time for patience.

    You've come to the right place mom. Have a good cry and know that this will get better and it will be okay.


      Im so sorry, I know that numb feeling, I am the mother of a 16 yr old, he became injured when he was 14. You and your son are so fortuneate that he is upright so quickly, like Patrick said, this could have been so much worse. He has a long hard road ahead of him but it sounds like he has so much potential.

      Ask all of your questions here, I have learned so much from the members, they are caring and knowledgable. You can also private message me if you would prefer.


        Thank you both so much for your thoughtfulness. I am so happy I found this forum.


          Mom15, it sounds like your son is doing very well, especially in view of what might have happened. This is a great place for information and support in the journey - welcome, and best wishes to you and your whole family.
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            I am so sorry to hear of your son's accident, but if I read correctly his injury is just a month ago? That he has made such progress in such a short time bodes very well for continued progress, perhaps (although no one can ever say with certainty) even a full recovery. Please continue writing here with whatever questions you might have, or even if you just need to vent. This is a major event in the life of your son and for you too, and we are here to listen, to try to help as best we can.


              Originally posted by Mom15 View Post
              Thank you both so much for your thoughtfulness. I am so happy I found this forum.
              Hello "Mom15,"
              Welcome to the Care Cure Community, but so very sorry about your son's injury. Just know that when you have any questions we are here for you to help in any way we can.

              All the best,


                wonderful that he is showing signs of recovery. it is true, he is lucky.
                It is impossible to say for sure how much he will get back. the swelling is what caused my lasting problems, and I was expecting to make a full recovery.

                During my adventure with a sci, I have learned that many do make a lot of recovery after the swelling goes down. that could take several months. His being in a rehab is good.

                as a mom, I get that the worst thing is something happening to your kid.

                As a person with some affects of sci who has been at care cure a long time, I can say that yes he is lucky he isn't a t5 complete, or any higher or lower complete sci.

                I think that must be what they mean by lucky. lucky that he is an incomplete injury and may recover enough to walk again, and have function of bowels bladder and sexual function.

                I wish you healing, for your son and for your bruised hearts. I can imagine the anguish you have had to suffer these last few weeks, just not knowing.
                there is a lot of potential for recovery though, and that is very lucky indeed.

                he is in my prayers, and so are you.
                welcome to care cure. sorry you had to find us, Glad you did.


                  I had a non-traumatic and incomplete spinal cord injury when I was 11 years old. I'm 50 now and have had a great life so far. I have been very lucky as far as I am concerned.

                  The only advice I can give is to give him the support he needs as he adjusts.... but otherwise just help him as you would any other child preparing for a life on their own. That is what my parents did for me and is one of the reasons I consider myself very lucky.
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                    would he be a candidate for project walk or sci walk?
                    I agree with two weeks being too short. at least from hanging around here observing what rehab others do.


                      Welcome T, it sounds like your son is already making good progress. As an athlete he understands the hard work it takes to get to where he was and now he will have to keep fighting for more return. You did not say if he had to have surgery, but after two weeks to be able to walk it amazing. Being young and having good strength is also on his side.

                      As a Mom, I am sure you have shed many tears as yes your son was a star athlete, but no matter what the outcome he can still be a star at what he does from this point on. Ask lots of questions and start keeping a journal, as sometimes conflicting things can be said.

                      Sorry you had to find us, but there are so many good people on here day and night to give you a boost, some encouragement, or shed a tear with you.

                      Wishing you and your soon the best.
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                        hey mom (lol, reads funny),
                        Sorry to hear about it.
                        considering the circumstances, he is very lucky!
                        i was injured in july 2011. fractured t12. my parents were told in emergency that i might not walk again - maybe even a terry schiavo case.
                        it has been 6 months and i've moved back in with my parents for the meantime - as i go to PT 3x/week 5 mins from their house. i also have acupuncture once a week, massage therapy once a week. i know exercises i can do at home without equipment so i do them when i'm able. there is also a stationary bike in the house so i'm on that more nights out of the week than not.

                        it takes a lot. there are many bad days - where i just can't (don't want to) do it anymore. i seem to take it out on my mom first cause she's so great to see me get thru this. she gets very sad and frustrated when i act that way - i understand why. there are good days as well tho - where i realize how happy i am that i can walk (with a cane for now), i still see my friends, go out every once in awhile, heck - that i'm alive!! my accident was a fatal one, i was very lucky.
                        fyi - its a long road but its important to keep a positive attitude.
                        every person i've chatted with on here has been very helpful. feel free to message me directly if u need. i'm on here almost everyday.
                        i'm 27.
                        if your son wants someone to talk to, i'm here :0)

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                          neck & back pain

                          Just talked to my son SCI T5 12/6/11. He states his neck and back "just kill" he has been trying to walk more with his arm crutches. Doing some steps but most distances he uses a wheel chair. He is still going to hockey practices to watch and went on a road trip this weekend. He wants to still be involved with the team. Mentally he needs this but I question if he is doing too much?
                          He has an appointment with a nuerosurgeon tomarrow. We are in two different states so I am unable to go with him. He also will be doing PT 2hrs a day 3 x's a week. I asked to inquire if they have water therpy as he seemed to respond well to this when at in patient at Sister Kenny in MN.
                          Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you. Mom15


                            I think the pool walking is what got me the most return. it tires you out fast though at first, but I think the pool was most useful in growing stronger.

                            It may take a while to get his pain worked out. If he is incomplete, and it sounds like he is, nerve pain will grow over time, and treating that may or may not be possible, its a crap shoot really, and he and the Dr may have to try different things to treat it.


                              I don't think he's doing too much, being just 20 years old. The more PT and physical activity, the better. Good luck to you and your family, mom15.
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