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    Thanks for the awesome info!

    I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to Miami. I love it there! I'm actually finding that people here in NYC are kinder than you'd expect, but the nature of the city itself makes it really difficult to navigate. It's truly amazing how un-accessible the subways are!

    I'll definitely check out those links!

    Originally posted by Lorrie View Post
    Jilly, Miami will be great for you. Look in to the Miami Project for networking, info, exercise...also Shake-A-Leg if you are interested in sailing. So much to do in Miami and people are much more open and accepting. Best to you!

    p.s. if you have any seating issues, Alain at ergo-medic can customize a cushion for you, he's in Miami. I'll look up links when i have a little more time.
    Great for making new helpful friends, hints and tips, working out, keeping up with new studies, technology and fun events....
    For boating, sailing....
    For custom seating, personalized service (the best!)

    Not sure if you drive yet but "she rocks" may be able to help you with that and also you may want to look in to DVR here:

    Feel free to message me if you have a question i might be able to answer....
    Good luck, chica! It may not feel like it now but you'll be better than fine with a little time. Hang tight, fake it til you make it


      If you are using a rigid frame, manual chair you might benefit from a Freewheel to cover a lot of ground on campus. The Freewheel comes with a stowing bar you can attach to chair to stow the Freewheel during class. One of the CC members invented and produces the Freewheel - check out If you will have to cover a lot of distance from dorm to classes the Freewheel could be great on campus. Also, as someone mentioned keep a poncho in your backpack for those Florida daily showers and buy gardening gloves at Home Depot or similar store. I use the blue rubber ones with dimpled fingers and palms. great for grip on rain slickened pushrims.

      I returned to NYU to grad school (with trepidation) shortly after my injury in early 70's, met my wife while attending school, worked in my field for 30 years prior to retirement. Have fun.

      Go have fun at school and let nothing stop the pursuit of your dreams.


        That Freewheel looks pretty cool. I'll have to see about getting one, too. The Univ. of NE at Omaha campus is pretty accessible, but it would be great around my neighborhood!


          With the flight a lot of the airline you can request the front bulkhead seat at the gate and transfer right from your wheelchair into the outside seat (first row seat) on the plane, what I generally do is scoot across the seats as I like a window seat and when you make your final transfer put a decent cushion under your butt. Years ago I use to sit on the regular seats with no cushion and was always wondering why I would sweat and A/D, that's why, pain in my butt from no cushion under me.
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          challenges you're dealt but
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          you have no goals, no
          mountains to climb, your
          soul dies".~Liz Fordred


            Ugh! You'll need that Free wheel if you go to movies on Lincoln Rd! Love it there though Can't imagine where else you'll need it here really.

            Jilly,work the chair! You're a young, pretty girl that happens to be on wheels. You're going to get gawkers, make it work for you! Just use that attention as if your on the red carpet! It's all up to you how other see you.

            Recently, my friends and i went to Fontainebleau for Halloween, dressed up,,,when we arrived, cameras were whipped out flashing, we just gave our little poses and carried on. During the night, we were asking for pics w people in cool costumes and people were asking us for pics w/us! 1 guy asked if our chairs were part of our costume whatever! Our cute waiter passed me his # as we were leaving... You will be much more comfy here, i know, i'm from the NE, yes ne people are kind, thoughtful but here, people are less phased by dis', don't give that pity as much...maybe bc there are more of us here out and about...

            Anywho, let us know how things go Keep your head up and enjoy your life no matter!
            "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
            ~"Vanilla Sky"~


              Originally posted by Lorrie View Post
              Jilly,work the chair! You're a young, pretty girl that happens to be on wheels. You're going to get gawkers, make it work for you! Just use that attention as if your on the red carpet! It's all up to you how other see you.
              Absolutely BRILLIANTLY stated, Lorrie!


                Thanks everyone! Hope you are all doing great! It's been a busy week for me, getting ready to leave on vacation on Monday. Ya know, doing the typical girl things like hair, nails, and of course, shopping!

                The shopping went well, but it is definitely weird to shop for new clothes knowing that I'm going to be sitting all the time. It just seems like many of the clothes that I'd wear before I got hurt just aren't all that conducive to being in a wheelchair. I definitely don't want to sacrifice my style (hey, just because my legs don't work doesn't mean I can't look good, right?), but I want to try to find clothes that are sexy and stylish but that work for a gal in a chair. Any tips?



                  What did you wear prior? You should not have to change much but the length of your pants.
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                    I hate shopping for pants myself. I wonder why you said she had to change the length of her pants since she should still be able to wear what she wore before the injury.

                    I, on the other hand, have to shorten my pants or buy capris because they look like long pants on me. I have been in a wheelchair all my life and am of short stature.


                      Welcome again J!

                      It's been almost 9 years for me and I know you'll be fine. I have a big mirror near the front door and ever so often I'll roll by it, look over and say, "Oh, I'm in a wheelchair!"



                        Thanks! I guess the issue is that wearing short and skirts (remember, I go to school in Florida, so it's always hot!) isn't quite as easy as it used to be knowing that I am always sitting now. I find that I'm OK wearing jeans and such, though of course, they take a long time to put on. I like wearing capris too, and I also find that wearing some of the gear that Lululemon makes is very stylish and relatively easy to get on.

                        I'm looking forward to my vacation - though still very anxious about the airport situation. I'm sure I'll be fine, and I just need to "do it" and get on. I'll have my family there to help, so that will make it easier.

                        I guess the hardest thing to deal with (aside from the obvious) is the fact that SO many people are so oblivious about what life is like for someone who is in a wheelchair. Between people using the handicapped stalls in bathrooms and businesses not having wide doors, it's a real challenge for sure.



                          Been 6 years for me in January and started college August of same year as my accident. Things definitely will take some time and just be patient with people your age. They WILL ask you questions you're not expecting and don't want to answer. My way of handling these situations is answering every question they ask with honesty and joking about my situation. Makes everything easier and more fun. Dunno if that helps but I've talked with others that said it helps them as well.

                          Everyone is also going to think you need help. Most annoying thing in the world to me. I like being independent so it irks me when I drop a pen in class and someone will get up from the other side of the room to come pick the pen up for me. I always say thank you when offered help even though I refuse. People are ignorant so just be patient.


                            Jillian -- Not a fan of cold weather myself and the snow can stop you dead in your tracks. Still, having been in NYC for all of my 28 years of paraplegic life, I disagree with your assessment that it's not a wheelchair friendly city. Perfect, no. But it is in many respects more doable than other cities I've visited. You're still too new to SCI to have figured out how to get around and enjoy the abundance of what's available here and nowhere else; however, it can be done.

                            There is an active wheelchair community in NYC and lots of resources and activities available through the outreach programs at Mount Sinai and the Greater New York Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.

                            PM me if you have any questions.

                            Welcome, and sorry you had to find us, but at least we're here to be found.