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L5 nerve root injury following a radiofrequency ablasion

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    I was measured for my brace yesterday and this week going back to cardiologist. They are still trying to rule out any other reason for venous insufficiency. I will wear a halter monitor for 24 hours to rule out any cardiac issues. I am very frustrated and to want to move past this diagnostic phase and get treatment. There has not been any improvement in range of motion at foot but I have increased strength in leg. Should I request further nerve testing? I had an EMG about a month out from injury.


      Your doctors appear to be on top of things, which is really heartening - no pun intended. I was hoping they'd put you on a Holter monitor.

      Since you have had some return of strength in your leg, it might be worthwhile at some point to see how a new EMG compares with the older one; but the proof's in the pudding - if you're getting stronger, you're headed in the right direction. Additional testing at this time might, or might not, be able to measure the subtle changes that are allowing you to move forward. In your shoes, I think that I'd make it clear to my doctors that I'd be open to retesting at any time they deem it appropriate, and see what they say.

      Though you're understandably impatient with the diagnostic phase, in the future you will be glad to have gone through the whole process - you'll have records for comparison, and peace of mind about what is not the problem (even if what is can't be conclusively demonstrated). I think it is so important to eliminate doubt, insofar as that is possible.
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