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    I went to the other urologist, who was nice..i liked him a lot better than the first one. i started taking the vesicare again the week before seeing him because i had a lot of accidents and was fedup!!
    i walked into the doctors office and gave a urine sample...then the nurse used a machine on my lower abs to see if i emptied my bladder. my number was 371 and normal is anywhere from 100 to 150 :0( no, not emptying....
    he suggested double voiding, like go once then about 15mins later go again.
    the end all was continue taking vesicare for total of two weeks and double voiding, then for two weeks just try double voiding. to see him again in a month.
    after i spoke with him and made my followup appt, i went to the restroom again and asked the nurse to measure how much had emptied and my number at that point had decreased to 125 -- NORMAL!!
    I guess thats what I'm doing for the meantime is double voiding.

    he recommended seeing a gastroenterologist for #2.
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