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Friends father-in-law recently paralysed

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  • Friends father-in-law recently paralysed


    A few weeks back my best friend told me her father-in-law had been for an heart operation and he had woke up in intensive care paralysed from waist down.

    The feeling has not come back but his doctor said there is some muscle activity, he has been moved to a spinal injuries hospital to get rehab.

    I was wondering if he will be allowed out for xmas? is there a set time for rehab for paraplegics? His wife is also disabled though so would be unable to help him manage transfers at home due to her own disabilities (he was her carer).

    Is he likely to be in there for a long time as his wife won't be able to help him.. even though their house is already wheelchair adapted?

    If he has some activity will he be able to get back partial mobility and maybe walk with crutches or something?



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    He proberly is in spinal shock still. I was two month in spinal shock with an atraumatic injury and walking out of rehab and walked 35 more years.

    The rehab is different in each country I think. The paras has a rehab for 3 month here and if they are incomplete they can stay 3 more month after being out of the rehab for some weeks.
    TH 12, 43 years post


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      so you can still walk? how long was it before the spinal shock wore off before you were able to walk again (with or without aids)?



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        I was in hospital for two month and was sent to rehab when the spinal shock went away and I was in the rehab 5 month I think. But I was walking without aid when I left the rehab and has never used any aid. I did walk so long time after I should have started to use a chair so I went directly to the chair. I was so overused, it was nothing left.

        No, I can't walk anymore, the aging was catching me and I have been in a chair for seven years.
        TH 12, 43 years post


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          I'm a complete high para and had 4 months of rehab (before that I was in the rehab centre for a month on bedrest though).
          Lower paras were in less time. One determined low para guy had about 2 months of rehab, I think.

          I think I was in spinal shock for about 6 weeks.


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            Here they keep the incomplete longer than the completes so they have the possibility to exercise hard. So even low paras can have 3 month at the rehab hospital, 4 weeks in another rehab and then go back again to the rehab hospital and continue exercising.
            TH 12, 43 years post


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              Unfortunately in the USA, the average rehab length of stay for someone with a paraplegic injury is now 18 days. In my opinion, that is not enough. Hopefully a more reasonable period of time will be available to him there. 6 weeks would be much better, which would still be prior to Christmas.

              Older people need more time in rehab, but insurances often give them less. How was his health prior to this?

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                Thanks to everyone for answering.

                As far as I know he was having heart problems and had no choice but to go in for this operation as otherwise his heart would have just packed up very soon. I am thinking he is around his 60's.

                He was warned this could happen but it was either risk been paralysed or die basically!

                He is in UK and now in a spinal Injuries Unit in Sheffield, England.

                I thought the fact that his wife would be unable to help him at home (tranfers, showering etc) might also delay when he could go home. He was her carer so not sure how they will manage with both of them in chairs, although the house is wheelchair friendly getting them both in a car will be a challenge even if he can manage hand controls.