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    Memory foam mattresses have evolved and there are now options with cool technology. When you are shopping for a mattress or topper and you are interested in memory foam as an option, look for Cool Sensation, CoolMax, Cool-Tek, Iso Cool Memory Foam, Polar Foam, Cool Action by Serta, etc. Many of the major companies offer these cool mattresses as an option.

    Another option for a "regular bed" is Sleep Comfort Sleep Number beds. We purchased adjustable Sleep Comfort beds. When you go to a Sleep Comfort store, they have a pressure mapping system that gives you an idea what your sleep number should be. I sleep on a Sleep Comfort bed topped with a medical sheepskin all night without turning and haven't had skin problems (just my story, may not be right for you).

    If you are considering a "regular bed" (not a hospital or air exchange bed) think about getting an adjustable frame to allow you to raise and low the head and foot of the bed to help with dressing and draining swollen feet.

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