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    i want say welcome

    and while everyone recommending is adaptive tack my advice is see if you NEED it t10-11 you shouldnt

    im cerebral palsy hemp(i have quad limbs on my right and abled bodied limbs on left according to pts)

    i was pigeon holed into you riding for disabled world
    i wanted to take my paradressage to the next level(having fun in grass arena at home to shows) so went and got classified and was told I would HAVE to use a safety bar on my saddle
    ]tried it once hated it asked for it to removed from my aids list was told NO WAY

    I was had a choice submit and use stuff i dont need or change the goal(to ride normal dressage without adaptive tack) or give up

    i chose to change the goal(to ride normal dressage without adaptive tack) i found a wonderful physio(a friend) and riding instructor (at a stables i found out of phone book) and we have gone from people telling me i cant use standard reins to walking,trotting off the lunge line with standard reins in 3 lessons we start working cantering on monday

    when i can canter off the lunge line we will transition from enclosed stirrups to normal stirrups(i decided to wait)

    after i finished my rehab lessons i will start standard lessons
    the reason i told you my story is to give you hope


      1 thing i recommend is mid central control power chair if are wanting you to be independent in catching/leading your horse/s makes life so much easier


        Welcome PHG,

        I used to date a girl that rode quarter horses and she used to show in Western Pleasure. I sure miss riding on weekends.

        All the best.
        ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne



          there is a girl in utah 19 a para compteing rodeo amber snyder saw a you tube on her

          wheelinhorseman c6c7 riding daly
          i went riding in utah lea shes a para rides


            Wellcome para horse girl, I cried when I watched the video. Not pity for you, but you have a remarkable story you have shared and have showed such strenght with that beautiful smile.

            You remind me of my grandaughters they had horses and rode in competions, then swithched to showing lambs and have a big herd of cattle. We just had our county fair and they had so much fun and won quite a few trophies. They still love the horses, and you are a wonderful example of how your animals are such a part of your life.

            There is a wonderful support staff here at ccc and many young people here also. I can understand how seconds changed your life it did mine also now 10 months ago. Car accident also my son in law was driving so we had some guilt to get over. My grandchildren give me the courage to keep trying and it has been the hardest thing I have ever done.

            Best to you, I believe there may be a miracle someday especially since your injury is new. Don't give up....
            JeAnNE L1Burst Fracture inc. 11/5/10

            Live Well--Laugh often


              Thanks everyone, sorry I haven't checked this in a while... I got back on a horse for the first time recently while i was on vacation in Maui. here is the video url



                That's a wonderful video Para-Horse-Girl, congrats on getting back on and riding so soon.
                Originally posted by Para-Horse-Girl View Post
                Thanks everyone, sorry I haven't checked this in a while... I got back on a horse for the first time recently while i was on vacation in Maui. here is the video url

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                  That's just great, Para-Horse-Girl!
                  MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


                    Looking good.
                    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old


                      Wow, you look great (and a beautiful horse). Will you be able to continue with a riding program near your home?

                      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


                        Hi para girl
                        you brought back my own memories i was injured on the 11th sebt 2010, i am a T11 complete, all my doctors told me i will never walk again too. hold on dear you are not alone.
                        the first year is tough, learning to cope with this new way of life has its moments. It looks that you have a good support structure which is good. Welcome to the forum, here you can learn and meet many people who are in the same boat.