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    thankyou all. thanks again. and again and again! my name is don and i was in a mva where a person "waslooking at the beach"and hitus. my daughtr and her boyfriend were o.k.but i was rocked prettygood and asa result am dealing wih antrior cord and central cord syndromes. i thank you all because i have been reading and trying to get as much info as possible from your posts.the mva was november of lastyear. i was totally unable to move at all and had tobe removd and put on stretcher on scene(first daywith new ambulance setup and they got my thumb stuckn a partof the stretcher when the lg fold to slie it into ambulance and didnt noticetil arrival at hospital)i was abl to shuffle out of hospitl 3hours latr but my mri showed boney growhs in my vertebra that wre compresing my cord when rocked in mva so no-one whould trat me(physio or anyone els) i have no feeling or sensation or strngth below my shoulders and am barely abltoshuffle with my walker now 8 months pinkies and the next fingers are useless but oher three can be used a little. i am doing good with bowel and bladder now and do the pool3days and physio 2 days a week so i am doing all can til i cant do any more. my initial goal was to gotoa skateboard race that i had been to every year and this yar was 10 year anniversary and i did go but hid in back. my next goal was met only after lurking hre and stealing tips from all of you and i actually dancd with my daughter at hr high school grad (anyone ho says standing still and holding on to her isnt dancing is wrong!)i went from world class athlete to wold class .......not sure yet. just alittle introduction to meand my new life, looking forward to getting to know you all and thanks again, your information has saved me from alife filledwith shit and filld it ith genuine hope. you ar all a part of me now so hangon cause its gonna be a wild ride!
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    Saw your post here and just wanted to tell you hi and say please take care!



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      Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you've made significant progress with rehab and I wish you all the best going forward!
      MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


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        Just want to say "Welcome!" This is a good place.


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          Welcome Bonebust. You are making great progress.


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            Welcome to the forum.
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              welcome to care cure.
              sorry you had to come here, but its good that you did.


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                Welcome Bonedust. I trust you went to the G.F. Stronge for rehab. Keep working 8 months in is not that long ad a lot can return.

                A worldclass athlete still is a worldclass athlete; we just compete in other ways. Ya can break our bodies but you can't break our competive spirit. You live in a great Province with great things going on.

                Stay strong, get strong!


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                  Welcome BoneDust and congratulations on the dance with your daughter. She'll never forget that.
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                    welcome and my prayers will be with you and your love ones! God bless sencerely! Keep the faith and stay positive in life.

                    life begins when you walk in spirit


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                      Welcome Don.
                      Did you have surgery to relieve the compressed area?
                      Hang in there and keep working hard. Physical therapy and exercise do wonders for the body and the mind.

                      Best wishes.
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                        Welcome Bonedust sorry to here about your accident. I see you are from Comox I lived there back in the late 70s and went to school when my dad was posted there. I actually went back in July of 2010 to see some of my old haunts and visit my friend who is an RCMP officer in the area. Anyway you found the best board on the internet and all these great people can help you manoeuvres through your new life.

                        Take care,



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                          Welcome Bonedust, it has been Nov for me also. I was in mva also. My biggest challenge is walking, but I am pushing myself. The pool is great thrapy for me.

                          Take care and you are right it will be the ride of a lifetime..
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