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    Ryan, just read the post about your fathers injury in July. It is quite a shock to him and your family. Life may be different, but you sound like a very loving son and the love of family is what a person hangs on to and will fight to get better.

    So glad you goggled and found this CC family of support. There are so many good people on here. Maybe you could read some of our stories on here.

    I was told I would never walk again, and I am walking with a cane it might not look pretty, but I was determinded to try my hardest, my neuro pain in my feet are kicking my butt, but is is just another hurdle to adjust to.

    The very best to your family. Remember every injury is so different so don't give uo the faith.
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      Ryan, Sorry about your pops... Your a good kid for finding this website. If your father wants to stay active/busy I suggest eventually looking into a hand-cycle.

      Stay strong kid, it gets better.

      "Be stronger than all your excuses...."


        Ryan... YOu are in the right place here.... Sorry about your dad's accident. The best news that I got early on after my accident was that I would be able to go on living life doing most of the stuff I wanted to do. And that has been mostly true. I am 54 years old and 5.5 years past my injury date. I am an L1 complete wheelchair dependent paraplegic. I live by myself, run a photography business, and am still raising my 17 year old son. Certainly I have had to learn to adapt and I do need help with certain things but for the most part where there is a will there is a way.

        As sson as you can let us know some more details about your dad's injury. That way we know who can best share experiences depending on the similiarity of our injuries to your dad's. For example.... It sounds like he is considered a paraplegic as opposed to a quadraplegic. You have probably been hearing words like Complete vs. Incomplete and Asia A, B, C, etc.....

        Your dad is lucky to have family members that are educating themselves. I really hope he ends up getting to a rehab facility that focuses on SCI. IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE in my opinion.

        Keep coming back and remember there are no silly questions and don't be shy if you need an answer about something that may seem sensitive. Most folks here are pretty open and handle things like adults.

        Feel free to ask me anyhint gyou need to know. I am not guaranteeing I know the answer but I will be glad to help by sharing my experiences.

        My name is Grandin
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          Ryan - so sorry to hear about your Pops - There are many people here who will be able to assist you with any questions you or your Dad might have - it`s tough at first but eventually you find ways to deal with the situation. Stay frosty