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Burst L7 from a four story fall

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    Burst L7 from a four story fall

    My son fell 4 stories at JFK airport in New york 4 weeks ago he is 23 years old and is very depressed. He burst his L7 and crushed his L5, he also broke his pelvic on the left and right side, and lacerated his spleen. He has lost control of his bowel and bladder. I stayed with him for three weeks when this happened, and the hospital he was in was a nightmare, they almost gave hin Heparin with a lacerated spleen, thank God I was there to stop them. They had no accomadations and a room in a hotel was $120.00 a night, I tried everyday to have him transfered to a spinal injury specialist hospital, and they fought me all the way. His standard of care was the worst I have ever seen in a hospital. He cried and begged me not to leave him in this hospital, I promised him I would get him transfered out of there, and I did ,Today he is flying on a commercial airline to Craig Hospital in Colorado, which is where we live, and I am so happy. Craig Hospital has benn so awesome, they got him out of this nightmare hospital by saying they didnt have the type of rehab he needed, and have paid his fare to get him to Colorado from New York. I am so scared about him flying, but at the same time I dont think he would have survived in this hospital. Its so overwhelming to see your child like this, and getting no help from the hospital, being a single parent, and running out of money to be able to stay with your child when he needs you most, and knowone there to help you. The social worker told me her job was just taking care of his discharge plan, and that she couldnt help me. I feel like my nerves are shot, and the last thing I feel like doing is going to work, but have no choice if we are to survive. I need to go to Craig hospital to learn about my sons care, but dont even have the money to get there, and he needs me so badly right now. Does anyone know of anyway of getting financial assistance to help to get threw these times. I really am overwhelmed by all off this, and would appreciate any suggestion. Thank you

    Oh, Rita, how awful! I am thrilled that Craig saved the day, they are the best and your son will get excellent care now. What a nightmare you have both been through. I don't have any financial suggestions, but there might be an office within Craig that can advise you. Welcome to the forum, you'll get excellent input here and meet lots of good folks.
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      Hi there so sorry to hear about your son. This is a wonderful forum and many good people on here with lots of information.

      Do not know about financial information for you, for me I did not have any health insurance and was able to get help from the hospital because my income is low.

      I can't imagine the pain for a Mom to watch your son go thru this all. Just know he is going to a wonderful center and we will be awaiting his progress.

      Keep your chin up he is going to need you for his anchor.
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        The social worker or case manager at Craig would be most likely to be aware of any discount airfares or charitable organizations that might help with getting you to Colorado.

        By the way, there is no L7. There are only five lumbar vertebrae. There are seven cervical vetebrae, 12 thoracic, and five lumbar. Are you sure his injury is lumbar? What is his actual neurologic level of injury (not fractures or vetebral injury). This is much more important. Craig should provide you both with this information. You should ask about his ASIA score and level, as well as his AIS (type of injury). Please come back and let us know how he is doing, and get him to join our community as soon as possible.

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