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  • Vertoplasty

    HELLO, I have had 12 vertebral Plasty and have four more to go. I am beginning to worry if I had made a mistake since this is a pretty new procedure. There is only one other lady that had a back as bad as mine. I had back surgery back in 2000, I fell off a podium and fractured 4 vertebra's! The surgery my doctor did totally failed and I was so depressed for years and years. The pain was ans still is excruciating and 3 years ago I started losing bone mass quickly.
    They wanted me to put a morphine pump in, I wasn't ready for that and I was too afraid to go through another surgery. I was on W.C. but they was not helping so I dropped the and used my disability. The first V. plasty I did I felt a huge difference. I even walked on the treadmill. But, the rest of them I haven' felt that huge difference. Can you tell me have I gone too far. Thank you.
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