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    hi everyone. im a new member here. here is a little bit about my story that a posted on a motocross forum a few weeks ago. my name is cody wills and im 20 years old.
    saturday february 19th i had a bad wreck while racing at motorama. it left me paralyzed from the chest down with 2 broken bones in my neck, a burst fracture to my c6, a chipped skull, fractured upper jawbone, and a torn rotator cuff.

    i had an ambulance ride to hershey medical center which i only remember a few seconds of and underwent 6 hours of surgery to install some titanium in my neck. a bridge from my c5 to c7/ then they tried to put me into a medicated coma until wednesday but i kept waking up early haha. they performed cold therapy to try to reduce swelling. but that also gave me pneumonia. i dont remember any of that up until the day i got my breathing tubes taken out and could finally talk again. i spent 20 days in the hospital.

    march 9th i got transfered by ambulance to pennstate hershey rehab center where i started to work on sitting up. after being in bed for so long everytime i would sit up my blood pressure would drop so much that i would get dizzy and sometimes passout. it took weeks to get past that. then i started working on transfering myself from bed to a chair, lifting light weights, rolling myself over, getting dressed, transferinging into a car, wheelchair skills, electrical stimulation to my right hand to try and bring the strength and movement back but it still only has 1lb of squeezeing force, and alot more activities.

    today is april 10th. ive been in rehab for a month now and get to go home this thursday april 14th. i still have no movement from my chest down but i have dull feeling that has been increasing starting at my toes and working up my legs. my injury is incomplete so i could someday regain full movement of my body. it hasnt been easy going through all of this, especially not riding or racing but ive been staying very positive and cant wait to get out of here and try some new things. ive been watching alot of videos of polaris rzrs which really makes me want one with hand controls.

    i want to thank everyone for their support, prayers, and well wishes. my family, my friends, my mx family thats keeping me part of the races, and everyone else. but most of all my girlfriend kayla who hasnt left my side through any of this, and slept on hospital chairs and squeeky rehab cots for the past 2 months just to be there with me. i couldnt have came all this way without her.

    Cody Wills 77
    c6 inc since 2-19-11
    ex pro-am motocross racer
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    hope for the best cody, prepare for the worst.

    i still have no movement from my chest down but i have dull feeling that has been increasing starting at my toes and working up my legs.
    i had this 25 years ago and from what i hear, most people with SCI have this happen.

    my injury is incomplete so i could someday regain full movement of my body.
    you may not be ready to hear what i have to say about this. certainly, it is possible. almost every single person who is paralyzed hopes this, but more than 95% of them are wrong. so hope for the best. prepare for the worst.


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      Hi Cody, welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have a wonderful support system, and I know that CC will be a great resource for you, as well. Best wishes to you.
      MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


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          Welcome Cody. There are a few members here who also were injured racing motorbikes.
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            Hi "Cody,"
            to Care Cure Community!!!
            Sorry that you have suffered this injury. Hope you have been working really hard in rehab and that you will continue to refine new skills as you return home. Before your accident, were you in school? Is home living with your mother and father or do you have other living arrangements? How accessible is home? Yes, you might get some return, but then again you might not get all the return you are hoping for. Rehab is just the beginning of living with a disability and you need to start thinking about how you are going to live with this disability, if you don't get complete return of function. "Wheelz99" has good advice in his post. You need to start thinking in terms of a life plan. What are my interests? What do I want to do with my life? How do I need to prepare myself to accomplish my goals? A lot of life can pass you by if you live in limbo waiting for things to happen to change your situation.
            Hope you will check in with us often and use this resource to help you find a path to follow. Below, I am providing a link to a page with a number of references to threads on Care Cure Community about people who have sustained spinal cord injuries due to a motocross accident. Maybe you can contact some of these people by private message (a feature on this website) for more personal contact:

            All the best,


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              welcome Cody. Best thing about this site, is that you know you are not alone!


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                never give up cody


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                  You can do it cody and welcome.


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                    thanks for all the kind words everybody.
                    i worked very hard in rehab, right away all of my therapists said i was going to fly through it and i did. they said that i was doing things that they have never had any sci patients doing.
                    before this happened i was working construction. my dad has his own construction company so i started at a young age.
                    me and my girlfriend of 3 years have been living together for a year. we are living at my parents house. it has a fully finished and exposed 1500 sq ft basement that me and kayla have to ourselves with everything we need to be independant. kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, living room, bedroom. and while i was in rehab my family put in a accessible bathroom.
                    i have always pushed myself to be the best at what i do. i started riding motocross when i was 3 years old and when i turned 16 i immediately moved up to pro-am. in 2010 i made it to 5 out of 10 races and still placed 10th overall in pro-am for the season.
                    before my injury i was big into working out. i was at the gym 4-5 times a week and i want to get back into shape after going from 140lbs down to 109 so right when i got home i bought a x factor which is a resistance band system that mounts to a door and so far it has been working good.
                    the first day that i got home from rehab the first thing i did was sit on my race quad and on easter sunday i had my dad take me for a ride on it because i dont have the hand control or strength to do it by myself. when i left rehab my right hand had 1lb of grip and my left had 15lb. but i have been exercising them and as of last week at my first outpatient rehab eval i had 4lb in my right and 30 in my left
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                    c6 inc since 2-19-11
                    ex pro-am motocross racer
                    tilite aero z s2